Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The first of February!

It's the beginning of the month and most would be so excited, but all I'm thinking about is how I'm a mere month away from having to come up with the money for my car registration! Urgh.

Today, I sent out a letter to Miss. Katharina in Germany! I used the last airmail envelope I have! Boo!

And today, I received a lovely letter from Flavia! She's a Brazilian transplant to London, but she may soon be moving home to Brazil! How exciting!

And of course, what day would be complete without....NAPPING TORTOISE PICTURES!

I caught my little boogar sleeping again last night, hehe. Notice the outstretched, lazy position! And also, his feet were stretched out comfortable, baha.


Hopefully more mail tomorrow!

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Rhiannon said...

Awesome, someone else who thinks tortoises are cute! Cats are overrated, lol :P

And I also have a Brazilian penpal, heh.

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