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NewWorldEmily! And anchors! And cupcakes!

Hey folks! It's time for another review! This is my first jewellery review and I've got quite a few coming up soon! This review is going to be on the very fabulous accessory store, NewWorldEmily!

I have to be honest, I love this store. I am a fan of all things 'naval'. Is that the right way to put it? Naval? Either way, you get the idea! I love the idea of antique maritime statement pieces that one can work into any wardrobe and these pieces are definitely that!

Some of my favorite pieces include her skeleton cameo rings and various bobby pins!

A huge array of different things are used in her pieces. From charms to cabochons of various styles (like roses, cupcakes, etc.) to buttons, keys, owls, and desserts...She even varies the types of fabrics chosen for hair bows! We've got nautical anchors paired with lace, pink lace paired with skeleton cameos, and leopard print paired with pink anchors!

I was lucky enough to receive some absolutely wonderful pieces from Miss Emily! Two of which will be headed out to one lucky lady! She was also wonderful enough to send me a pair of earrings for myself! I was sent a wonderful pair of brass knuckle and bow earrings for myself as well as another for a lucky lady, and also a pair of antiqued cupcake earrings!

I found both pairs of earrings to be completely unique, just by the findings used! Especially the silver brass knuckles! I've never seen (or worn!) earrings with this type of closure before! And I absolutely love it! The wire is thin and extremely comfortable. I did find them a bit hard to close the first time around, but it's easy to get used to.

Knucks can be difficult to wear, but these earrings are so feminine that I think anyone could get away with it, and like I said, the 'kidney wire' hooks practically make these guys! I have quite possibly the most sensitive (and stupid. -__-) ears in the entire world and I've had no problem whatsoever wearing them! I was extremely, extremely surprised. I was expecting not to be able to wear these for an entire day and low and behold, I was just fine! Also, these guys come with a super simple, rubber backing.

Up next are these awesome antiqued cupcake earrings. One again, the setting makes these! This filigree'd setting with french lever closure is a wonderful mix between feminine, antique, and class. The closure is springy and easy to put in and wear. Also surprising! The earrings look like they could be quite stiff, but they have a surprising amount of movement to them! And just so you know, the charms to these earrings are all attached really well. I'm not sure on the type of glue used, but it's got some serious stick-power to it!

Don't worry! You can pick these guys up in a variety of designs! Another version of the cupcakes is available here. Or how about roses? My other favorite are these guys. :)

So, can you resist?

Before you head in to pick out some goodies, lets find out more about Miss Emily, shall we?

Tell me a bit about yourself. Hobbies, where you're from, etc.

I’m Emily, a 22-year-old fashion designer and owner of NewWorldEmily, from Buffalo, NY. I was born in a suburb near here, and now I live with my fiancĂ© right near the edge of the city. My biggest hobby is creating and designing for NewWorldEmily. It all started when I received a sewing machine as a gift at 15 years old and started sewing because I could never find bags that I liked for the right price. Fashion was something I always had an interest in, but always alternative fashions that were not readily available in stores. Originally I taught myself how to sew bags and pouches, but starting in the past couple years I decided to try to make hair bows, and from there I started to experiment with other hair accessories and eventually jewelry making. I liked it so much that I now spend more time making hair accessories and jewelry than I do making bags. I noticed it would allow me to have more products finished at once which is always nice! I always wanted to have a shop that people around the world could see and purchase from, so making jewelry and other hair items allowed me to have more items available that would showcase my sense of fashion. I feel like it shows my creativity better in some ways than sewing bigger items does. My hair bows still involve some sewing, but not nearly as much as bags do. Besides NewWorldEmily, I am also in my first year of a master’s program in counseling, which takes up most of my time. I also have a part time job working with Autistic individuals. And I love going to see live music, mostly punk and hardcore! things with my own hands, instead of machines.

Why did you choose to make this type/genre of product?

The type of product I make is based on my own sense of fashion. I’ve always been into eccentric yet cute things. I also really love vintage and antique styles. I love combining brass knuckles or guns with bows, and adding charms to antique settings. (**For example, these, these, and these.) You will see a lot of these themes throughout my shop. I know that there are other people who have access to some of the same supplies such as settings and cameos, but I think the way that I choose to combine them is what sets me apart from other designers. I am still in the beginnings of my jewelry design, so I’m hoping for great things this year and in the future! It has been exciting to find another type of design I enjoy since I used to only focus on sewing. I’ve always been obsessed with anchors and other nautical designs, (**And so am I! Squee!) so you will always see me making items with those themes. Ever since I started sewing, I made things that I had visions of but I couldn’t find anywhere, so I resorted to making it myself. I realize anchors are actually really popular, but when I don’t see something done precisely the way I envision it, I try to create it the way I would ideally want it made. I’m very perfectionistic about the items I make. There are a million charms, fabrics, ribbons, and vintage materials out there, but I hand pick things I REALLY like. You will notice in my shop that right now there are way more earrings than anything else because it’s the only jewelry that I wear on a daily basis besides my engagement ring.!

What are your favorite materials to work with?

I love to work with vintage items and reclaimed materials. Some of my hair bows and bags have been made from vintage materials, such as vintage fabrics or charms, buttons, and beads. Also, some of my earrings were made from charms from previous bracelets or other earrings that I had in my own collection that I felt like revamping to make even cooler as a new product. When I’m picking out ribbons or fabrics for bags or hair bows, I like to select bold prints, and this is also representative of my own sense of fashion. I also love pretty lace materials (**see these!) and contrasting it with creepy or tough themed fabrics and charms. I enjoy using cameos in some of my accessories and jewelry because they are based on a vintage idea, but with a modern spin. (**Based on this description, I wonder what Emily's personal style is like? It has to be fabulous!)

Favorite characters to work with?

I really like working with cutsey charms like cupcakes, cat-themed charms, and cherries. I also like the edgy type of charms such as guns, hatchets, and ferocious animals. Lately I’ve also been getting into pinup and rockabilly inspired designs with playing cards and dice as well as animal prints. But I’ve always loved animal prints and some of my first bags that I ever sewed were made of purple leopard print and pink zebra print fabrics.

What inspires you?
I am inspired a lot by Betsey Johnson. I think her designs are fabulous and she’s never worried about shocking people by mixing together different styles that haven’t been put together before or making some outlandish stuff. I’ve always been really into punk, hardcore, and psychobilly music and the counterculture that goes along with it, so I think I’ve adopted some of my fashion sense from that being a big part of my life. I also just come up with eccentric ideas out of nowhere to make certain stuff, too. The lackluster merchandise that is available in malls inspires me because I feel like its so mediocre and boring. I could never understand why people would dress so plainly and worry so much about dressing “in style”. I never have liked wearing jewelry or accessories that blend in because it bores me to death. And of course Etsy itself has inspired me to branch out and expand my shop!

Do you plan to create things/own your own business as your life career?

I definitely think that designing things for myself, friends, and customers worldwide will always be a big part of my life. I can’t be entirely sure that I would ever own a physical store or devote all of my time to it, but I know I will always be selling online. I am a much happier person when I have design as a part of my life. There were a few years where I hardly designed and it definitely felt like something was missing. It is hard because I am very busy with school, so I like to use my vacations from school to do a lot more designing, which is what I have been doing on this winter break between semesters. I also want to use my degree in counseling, so I feel like I would always have to still work on that goal regardless of how well my designing and Etsy shop might end up doing. I like having a lot going on at once and having different things to devote my energy to. It is wonderful to see that my Etsy shop is starting to pick up more business and notoriety online!

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