Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am alive!

Barely. Urgh. Who would've thought getting a job would exhaust me so much! It'll be nice to have a good paycheck, though! Unfortunately, my brother came and re-po'd his camera from my bedroom and hid it so I have no mail photos. :(

On the brightside, mom and grandma are on their way here! Can't wait for grandma to move in to her apartment tomorrow! :D

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God, I love Mondays!

I was so excited to see great mail in my mailbox on Monday! Unfortunately, today didn't bring ANYTHING. Literally, NOTHING. Just our ads!

This is how Scoot feels about no-mail Tuesdays... *snore*

Look how annoyed he looked after I woke him up! haha.

I received a few things and sent a few things out! This one went out to Severine in Tokyo! I love large memos! I wish I had more! I was feeling sparkly, can you tell?

And incoming! then I will show your my gardening!

From the lovely Arwen!

From a new pal in Sweden who emailed me after she read this blog! :D Always so exciting!

How neato are the stamps she used?!?!

Lots of baby goodness from Teresa!

And on to the planty goodness! My lettuce is growing magnificently, my new lettuce has begun sprouting, and my hollyhock has just one tiny sprout! It popped up today! So exciting!

Teeeeeeeny little sprout!

Also, is it horrible that I've gone through a 3 pound bag of Haribo Gummy Bears in two days? Probably. I practically feel them packing on to my buttocks!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bath Time!

It was bath day! Snug as a bug in a rug!

"Mom, I really need a beak trim!" Soon, Scoot, soon.

Ugh, I'm so mad at myself for not photographing my outgoing mail! It was simplistically creative. I so meant to, too! But here is the awesome incoming mail!

One from Severine in Tokyo! Happy to see that she has settled in nicely! She sent some lovely goodies, too! :D

Cute tiny photos! I forget what they are called but they are from photobooths. :)

Such fun stuff, right? She also sent me two new coins for my currency collection!

Next is from the lovely Savannah in England! She sent a really unique extra! And OMG LEOPARD GECKO!!!


Look at these! It's a Queen's Jubilee decorative bag! It's beautiful! Thank you Savannah! And look at the hand-drawn envelope on her letter. :)

As always, a beautifully decorated envelope and goodies from Jennifer! Sorry the photo is so blurry!

And there we go! I did receive a few other letters, but I forgot to take photos! Boy Scout event tonight at our house for my brother's troop! We'll see how well that goes! haha.

It's quite late.

I thought I might post some photos of what today looked like! This was when it wasn't pouring monkeys and marsupials outside! Also, here's my yard! :D

The far corner. That half-circle bit is the beginning of Scooter's summer pen...obviously needs work! Can't wait for it to stop raining and warm up! If you can't see, those a CINDER BLOCKS...And he climbs them to get out! Will be fixing that once he begins living outside again! Check out my neighbor's awesome pool...Mmmm...jealous!

Notice my father watering his beloved lawn IN HIS WORK CLOTHES....The is the middle of my yard.

And the other side! Aren't the clouds beautiful?

I'll be posting a new review here ASAP as well as some outgoing and incoming mail photos tomorrow! :D

Also, caught Scooty napping today! Mmmm...heat lamps...New one coming soon, too! Yay!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14th.

I had a terrible time sleeping, similar to the past few days, but I was up early-ish and even did some more planting! I rolled up my pant legs and ran out to dig some planting soil out of my dad's stash. I've planted hollyhock, lettuce, pansies, and more lettuce (thatwas planted earlier.). Here's a photo! they are in order from left to right! And look how much more the lettuce has sprouted!

Now! On to the mail! I received an always wonderful package from Ammy! It was such a surprise! I'm putting something together for her, too!

Can you see the face in the envelope? And the cityscapes inside of it?

And check out the goodies!! Here is the whole thing wrapped up and perdy!

I guess I could have taken a group shot of all of the goodies, but they were so great that I wanted to put them up individually!

First, the adorable notebook! I might make it into a traveling journal!

Ammy says that the next two postcards a show Singapore in the early 1900's!

And here is Singapore currently!

Cool temporary tattoos. Funny because I have two real rose tattoos that are similar to this!

Check out the other fun postcards she included. :) I love them!

And here is her little note! Such a cute post-it and I LOVE the Polaroid themed notecard!

Such a fun package! I'm off for soup Wednesday at my parent's church! I don't like the crowd, so I will probably spent my time in the 'cry room' writing Maria's letter!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good news and horrible news.

Well, today at 4:30p.m., my mom, dad, and I took out oldest dog, Angel to the vet for her last visit. She passed away at roughly 5p.m. via euthanasia. She was a little bit over 17 years old (her birthday was February 13th.) and it was just time for her to go. She was blind and deaf, her back legs hardly worked due to a partial stroke, and she had begun loosing control of her bladder and bowels. It was the best for her. Obviously, I cried like a blithering idiot, but that was expected. She had a long life of 13 years with us (we adopted her at nearly 4 years of age.) and it was a good life. She was my first dog ever.

She went peacefully, just as if she were going to sleep, only with her eyes open. I'm not really sure how it will be getting used to not having her around. I have two other dogs, but I'm used to three, and I'm used to hearing her tags tinkle while she paced around the house at might. Now, her tags and purple collar have a place besides my tea cups on my desk and she has a permanent place in my heart.

I love you, sweet girl

Rest in peace, Angel. Hope you're up there with Grandpa. You were always his favorite.