Friday, August 24, 2012

My Trip to Oto's Marketplace!

I was lucky enough to be able to visit my favorite Japanese market in Sacramento a few weeks ago and I wanted to share some photos with you guys and show you what I purchased! We were in Elk Grove (sort of a suburb outside of Sac. Also, for those of you who aren't familiar with California, Sacramento if our state capitol!) to pick up my dad's new toy, a Jeep Wrangler (seen below) and I decided to stop and pick a few things up! Oh, and I managed to get myself a ticket on the freeway...for being on the phone. Stupid. At least I wasn't texting!

Did I post a photo of this? I think I may have. Anyways, it's daddy's new toy! It pretty much makes us the worst environmental family EVER seeing as it's my family's fourth car, including my own. Jeep makes 4 in one household! if it counts for anything, the Jeep has been not driving around. it needs a bit of work but was super cheap! Dad loves it, haha. It's his dream/mid-life crisis car that my mom finally let him have! haha.

Anywho, here's a map from my place. Thought it would give you an idea of where the market is from my house. Sorry it's so small!

And here are some photos from inside! (Taken from the store website and google.)

They even sell tiny Rement sets! They sell tiny little separate sets but I only have one because they are so expensive! It's been a while since I've seen any decent San-X ones, though.

Here is what I bought! All candy, I know, haha, but it was super cheap for all of this! I also bought two Ramune sodas for my brothers. All of this, plus the sodas cost me a little over $12USD.

Wanna see the insides?

What's better than mushroom shaped cookies?!

I know these Koala cookies are available in most grocery stores here in the states, but I got dark cookie with chocolate, white chocolate as well as the standard white cookie with chocolate.

Individually wrapped Hi-Chews! The entire bag was around $3USD.

DEMOLISHED! (Not in all one day, I promise! haha.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here are some things that I've sent out! I am FINALLY catching up! Still have quite a few letters to write, but I'm getting there! :) So, shall we dive in?

Here we go!

To Belen!

The backside!

To Fawn!


To Rosie!

To Abbye!

To Becky!

Back! Pink fluffy bunny!

To Elaine! (She also sent me a postie from Stockholm, but I didn't take a photo of it!)

To Frankie! <3]

Letter to Soph!

To my lovely Arwen!

And last but not least, a letter to Severine! I hope it makes it to Tokyo before she moves back home to Switzerland!

So, outside of mail photos, I have great news! I am being interviewed for a supervisor position at my work! I am so, so excited! I've only been in a sales associate position since March 15th, and now I've been selected and recommended for the higher position! One of the best parts? A PAY UPGRADE! I'm so excited! Wish me luck, my friends!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photo and Hour! (sort-of.)

Yep, you heard it correctly! PHOTO AN HOUR! I must admit, other bloggers have produced farrrr more interesting photo-a-days, but unfortunately, my life is extremely...errr...boring? It could be way worse, but definitely not as interesting as most people! So, shall we start?

8:07am. wake up for work! Only at times that have the minutes ending in an odd number! Don't ask me why, it just has to happen. If I push snooze, I must set my alarm for 8:11 or 8:27 etc, etc, etc.

10:00am.Leave for work! I always leave a half hour early! \

Observe, my ludicrously dirty windshield! Haha.

11:00am. At work! I think this is the cleanest our stockroom has ever been! :P

Work between 10:30am and 3pm!

3pm. Bringing home the best sourdough bread from Boudin's!

4pm - 9pm. Writing letters and watching NetFlix! Currently working my way back through The Walking Dead and finishing up Warehouse 13!

Boring day, right? I more or less completely forgot to take photos after that time period! And my parents wouldn't let me take photos of them or of my dinner! (Which was fried chicken that wasn't actually fired but bakes and 'cauli-tatoes'! Make your mashed potatoes semi-healthy by doing half mashed potato and half mashed cauliflower! You can't tell the difference!)

How do you spend your days? Do you have a set routine?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

WOW. (photo heavy!)

Soooo...I may or may not have disappeared there for quite some time. I was more or less dying from work and COMPLETELY overwhelmed! As a consequence, I'm now catching up on quite a lot of mail! BUT, I am slowly but surely getting my tuckus over my great pile of mail! I have thoroughly loved and treasured every single piece that I got! I've really got to think over some new organization ideas, though, particularly involving my incoming and outgoing mail...mostly incoming! Do you have a mail ritual? I've asked quite a few of my pals about it and so far, I really like the idea of date-stamping everything. I'm absolutely horrid at recording things in a journal, but I think I might give it a go again. We shall see! Anywho, shall we get a move on, then? None of these photos are in any sort of order!

First, I'm going to show off my lovely birthday present from Johanna! I turned 21 years old (kind of a big deal! For those of you who aren't from the US, it means we are officially legal to drink alcohol! ) and received a couple of cards and gifties! Thank you to all! And Johanna, thank you so much! I adore you, my dear!

Included are some make-up lovelies (but one of the eyeshadows broke. :( ), lots of tea, funky eyelashes, and fabulous stationary!

Up next is a gorgeous gift from Kiki! Included is an awesooooome Rilakkuma letter set, stickers, and washi tape! My first washi tape! I didn't know what to do with myself when I opened it!

Here is the pressie from Lainey! YUM!

And here is the goodies from Becky!

There's soooo much more, so I'm just going to start laying down some photos! I can't even begin to thank ya'll for everything! Oh, and there are a few more letters, but I've already filed them away and sent replies!

Fawn always has awesome stationary!

From Eveline!

An adorable notebook, birthday card, and letter from Konstantina! :D

Letter from Elaine! Gorg envie, right?

A great package and letter from Ashley! :D

Fun stamp! Did any of you guys watch 'Franklin' when you were little?

Pop-up birthday postcard from Kiki!

Lovely letter from Marie! How cute is her stationary and UNICORN stamp? Wait, is that a unicorn? Or just a pastel colored horse?

Stickers and Hello kitty-ness!

A lovely letter from Laura!

From Abbye!

How beautiful is this envie from Stephenie?!

A gorgeously stamped envie from Kiki!

Check out the awesome stationary package from Liz! :) PAPERCHASE!

I'm pretty much in love with these labels! I am a label-a-holic. LABELS. I love them all!

An adorable letter from Terry! How cute are those postcards? THE CAT IS DOING YOGA! The girls at my work would love it...I'm thinking of taking it in and posting it on our board!

So this is something that I'm crazy excited for! Two readers wrote me! Blog readers! Ah! It's a huge first for me and I was SO STOKED!

PHEW!. Seriously. Tons of mail. I know. I'm writing my butt off! But before I close this up, check out the awesome birthday card from my parents!

It also came with a packet of floaties, haha. It was the closest thing my mom could think of that would remind me of tires! Why? Because my birthday present is a new pair (Seriously, only two, haha.) tires for my car!

I know this post was/is pretty boring, but I wanted to get all of these photos up! I've got a couple of neat ideas for posts that should be coming up soon! I'm thinking photo-an-hour and a new what's in my bag post!