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I re-worked some things and decided to do a review of Shamsy earlier than I thought! I loved this shop because of how unique the products are and how the design of everything (including the packaging!) really appealed to me! See the awesome paper airplane drawing!? Cute!

First off, I want to share Shamsy's answers to my normal interview questions! I don't want to put them in the regular format, so here goes!

I live in Dallas and own a print shop with my boyfriend, two gangsta cats, Grim and Guts (**ummm, awesome cat names, right?!), and my baby girl pitbull, Morrow. I screen print stationary, make handmade books, paint, draw, garden, ride bikes, and go sailing.

I have been crazy obsessed with stamps and paper since I was a little girl (**YAY!). My obsession led me to study printmaking in college and then to start a printing business with my boyfriend (Scott.). I enjoy making paper goods like cards and books because of the wonderful tactile nature of it all.

I am a mixed media girl. (**me too!!) I like the textures and layers you can get by using different combinations of media. Screen printing, markers, organic materials, inks, paint, collaging, lacquer, chalks, colored pencils...are all my faves to mix. In our print shop, we use recycled papers and eco-friendly inks and solvents. When making my handmade goods, I often use mixed media and a variety of techniques. (** an example!)

Natural shapes and elements and fun graphic patterns are recurring elements in my work. I don't really have a set line-up of characters (like a floating eye or bird. that I use in my work.

Paper, textures and colors in nature, my friends, everyday things like stickers on packaging, vintage children's book illustrations, and everything in between are all things that inspire me.

I certainly do plan on continuing my handmade goods as my life career. (**so good to hear!!) I make things with my hands because I have to or I just don't feel well. I had the corporate job and it made me feel empty inside because I wasn't able to make or do anything creative. Enough was enough and i couldn't live a lie any longer, so I decided to do what I love: make things hands. My thought was if I am passionate and true about what I do then how could I not succeed? My whole house/studio/print shop is a creative haven. (** jealous!) I am always working on a few projects at a time. I hope people who are fans of my goods are able to see all the love and fine-tuned craftsmanship I put in my work.

Fab, right? So, Shamsy mentioned that inspiration is drawn by things like packaging and I wanted to bring that bit up because I think the product packaging on these products is just fantastic. Simplistic, yet really eye-catching! Throughout the photos I'm posting, you'll see what I mean!

So, time to get to the goods! Keep in mind, you folks will be getting this entire package of goodies via a giveaway!

First up is one of my favorite items! There are actually two pin-back buttons, but I dropped one in my bedside table (my stationary drawer!) and I have to find it! I could have SWORN I photographed everything a while ago, but apparently I didn't! Peep the awesome branding! It's obviously a map button, but it's also packages on an ARROW! Unique as all get out, right?

Can you imagine a couple of these puppies pinned on your bag, mail kit, or jacket? I'm already seeing a few of these on a denim jacket or satchel....Mmmm.

The business card sized cards with matching envelopes are too cute, too!

Yeah, those are 2" by 3 1/2" pieces of beauty! It looks like these guys sit at $2.95 per card, which is a good price for the craftsmanship you are getting! The acorn card is hand screen-printed AND hand embellished! Check out the back of the cards! Pay attention to the gold, raised paper clip on the front of one of them, too!

Yes, that IS in fact washi tape! And ribbon! And an owl!

Shamsy cards are just as fabulous! You're looking at beautiful flat cards with matching envelopes! All of them are again, expertly packaged and absolutely gorgeous! The simple, yet also complex designs fit perfectly with the minimalist envelopes! I'm more or less head over heels for brown kraft envelopes, so I might be a bit biased.

Do you give anyone pins and needles?

Or play with yo-yo's? Yes, that is a lined envelope and embellished card, you see! I found this card really neat because it almost looks like everything is drawn on with a ballpoint pen!

See that lovely envelope? Not store bought! Hand cut lining! And check out the embellished yo-yo!

Last, but not least, here's a lovely hand screen-printed multi-colored floral themed flat card! And once again! This puppy comes with a hand-cut, hand-lined envelope!

So, all of these flat cards go for $6.95 a piece AND if you order more than one item, your shipping is free! Otherwise, you've got only a mere dollar of shipping! Honestly though, if I were you, I would stock up! These cards can be used for pretty much every occasion! How cute would the porcupine card have been for Valentines Day?! So, get ordering!

Seriously, though....check out the shop. There are some fantastic notebooks up for sale right now!


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