Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lovely Letters!

I received my second Lovely Letter from Miss. Helen today! And it's so pretty! I go crazy over vellum envelopes (or anything vellum for that matter...) and this grid one is particularly adorable! She sent along some adorable book plates and paper goodies, too! I've never used them before but I think I will put them on a few of my favorites! :) and check out the folded notes! The little cards that she wrote her questions on are so clever! I feel like my letter totally isn't going to match up to her super creative one! Anywho, here are some photos! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I wasn't sure I'd have the energy to post this, but I am anyways! I'm exhausted and sore after a personal emergency last night and bleck. Not going to get into that. Short story short, I sat in the emergency room with my best friend after she was assaulted at a Halloween party by a group of ten girls...So I've more or less been up for two days, so that means I couldn't take on of my night time medications (it knocks me out too hard and I had to be awake.), which results in absolutely horrendous body aches. Thank god my 17 year old brother is nice enough to re-fill my sodas for me! I'm finally catching up on my letters though! :D Here goes!

This puppy was sent out a whole ago...maybe a week? And me being me forgot to post the photo, haha. Oops!

My Lovely Letter to Helen! I'm super late, I know! I hope she'll forgive me!

To my favorite Fawnie!

From the lovely Anna! :D

A great letter from Blandine!

To Miss Abbye!

To dear Elaine!

To pretty Kiki! :D


And last, but not least, to Konstantina!

Friday, October 26, 2012

A trip to downtown and a boat load of postcards!

Well, I did it.

I ventured back into downtown Sacramento and stocked up on postcards! The wonderful experiences of choosing them all was great...the getting list 6 times trying to get home? Not so much. Clearly, my directional sense needs some work! Damn iPhone!

Anywho, I have cards of California in general, San Francisco, Yosemite, map cards, and a few more places!

If anyone is interested in one, let me know!

Stationary delivery! An I'm going to be selling bits of it, too, I think!

Not quite sure on that last part but I am so up for swaps! International okay! Recently, I swapped out one of my more expensive plushness and yesterday, I received a HUGE package! Most letter sets than I could think of!

So noooow... Photos! Shoot me and email if you'd like to swap or possibly pick up a few sets! It's all very high quality and name brand! Each set comes with two sheets and on envelope. Here are just a few photos of random sets I pulled out as well as the entire stash! I was astonished at how much San-X and Sanrio sets there are!

Take a peek!

Ps. I would go crazy in a good way if anyone could send me washi tapes, brown paper address labels, or Kraft envelopes if you are interesting in swapping!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday! :) [LOAD WARNING!]

Oye vaye, this is a long overdue post! I have been SO busy lately! But I'm starting to have a more normal work schedule so expect much more! I'm planning on raffling off the book that I've got up for giveaway here in a few days so make sure you enter!

Lets begin, shall we? :D

An awesome package from Loulou! I've already got the calendar up!

Cute phone charm!!!

A beautiful packet from Linda! I'm saving that top quote (with the cursive!) for my 'save this for a later possible tattoo' pile.

From Juliana! my first piece of fall mail!

From Karyn!

I'm basically in love with this stamp!

From Miss. Abbye! Doesn't that photo look like a postcard? (I've got that air freshener up in my car along with this!)

My first letter from my Lovely Letters partner! That is an aerogram! Awesome, right?

From Vanessa! I've got that keychain on my keys! :)

From Kiki! Monstermango earrings are my favorite thing ever! She knows me so well!

Kiki's packaging is always amazing! This is minus the pink bubble wrap!

She sent me envelopes! I've already used almost all of them!

A surprise package from DeeDee full of her stationary designs!!!

A lovely letter from Becky!

A GORGEOUS postie from Nina! So pretty! Her letter went out, but I forgot to photograph it!

Lastly...a swap package from Kira! She blew me away! It had more candy in it, too, buuuuttttt...I demolished (with the help of my black licorice loving boss!) it at work! That little orange box had gummy candies in it that I fell in love with!

Look at all that Moomin-y goodness!

How appropriate is this postcard?

I wanted to show the name of the teas! Super fun!

Lol. "Londen"

Last but not least...A MIDSUMMER TIGHT'S DREAM ARRIVED! I read it all in one sitting! Now to wait for Louise Rennison to release the next one! :D

PHEW! Lots of incoming photos! I don't have photos of my outgoing ones unfortunately! I'm lazy, I know!