Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Name my goldish!

My poor little betta fish (well, not little. He was rather large.) went to the big fish tank in the sky this week and since I hate having an empty fish, tank, I wanted to put something new in there! originally, I was going to wait, but while at a big box store, I saw these adorable fan-tail goldfish! They were all orange, but I immediately zeroed in on the one out of the bunch that was white and orange! I haven't taken a photo of him (or her? I have to check up how to sex them, but I'm just going to call him, him.) but I found one that looks just like him! He doesn't have the orange 'lipstick', though!

So, what shall I name him? I was thinking perhaps "Rocky" or "Ringo." Any suggestions would be of help!


SaskiaHamilton said...

I have this weird impulse thing when it comes to naming animals and objects. Hence why I have a pug teddy called Pedro, and a beagle on Nintendogs called "Stamp" but through impulse I immediately thought "Pebbles" for your new friend :D

TMC said...

Robyn. Works for a boy or a girl. : )

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