Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hello, my lovely friends! I'm sorry for the long spots where I don't post but I'm always so exhausted! I have four days off work this week so I'm hoping to get some more mail sent out! I'm exhausted but I really have no reason to be! It's weird. I miss being more productive and not being able to write much (letters!) in the past few weeks have been SO UPSETTING! Some crazy things are happening at work (people quitting etc.) so it's just...urgh! But my dad mentioned today that there is an internship opening up in his company and I think I'm going to do it! That on top of my part-time night job (the one i currently have now, so the internship and then a 4:30pm-8:30pm shift...It will be tough, but I need to be regimented! I just don't want to disappoint my dad and I want to do this internship and show him that I am capable! I'm going to tell him I want it tomorrow, so hopefully it starts in June or so as it's just a summer internship. Anywho, shall we get on to a few bits and pieces of mail? I didn't photograph everything! Oh! Also, to all those waiting on a letter, I hope you don't mind a few typed letters! They're still super personal, I just want to get quick replies out yo all of my beloved friends!


From Melissa in Hawaii! GORG handwriting!

Postcard from Ammy in Singapore! I love it!

Ammy always writes such great postcards and letters! It always amazes me how much writing she can get on a postcard! hahaha. And look at the lovely stamp! I love animal stamps! :D

Next is from Abbye! :) Such a gorgeous Paris notecard! She included two postcards along with her great letter and one was also of Paris! She already knows me so well!

Here is one from the wonderful Teresa in Canada! Her baby, Myles, will soon be born and I am SO EXCITED for her!!!

Look at her little stickers showing Scooter and my new tortoise (whenever I get him!)

A letter from Elaine! Pretty stationary!

Then I recieved a great letter from Miki in Japan...


And lastly, but CERTAINLY not least...a postcard (that she took herself!) from Sabine in Nicaragua!

And that's it for you folks! Have a happy Sunday! I'll have more substantial things to say later, i promise!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Phew! Hi folks! Sorry for the lack of posting! I've just finished up with my college finals so now I can get back to blogging, crafting, writing, and...working. Urgh. I'm constantly tired and I have no idea why! I have quite a few letters to write but for the past week or so, I've just been too exhausted to write replies! I've got three days off in a row this coming week, though, so I'm planning on getting down to business! Anywho, here are some shots of the mail I've gotten recently! I'm missing some photos as the camera died, but i will post those later!

A lovely letter from Liz!

With my favorite UK themed puffy stickers!

She also sent me some awesome stickers and labels! And check out the neat stamps she used!

A lovely letter from Terry! She only lives a few hours from me!

A fantastic (as always!) letter from Helen! She sent me a super cute phone charm, too!!!

From Cheryl! I looove her letters!

And lastly, a letter and goodies from Miss. Jen! :)

More photos to come!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Well, I managed to get some sleep last night! As many of my pals (you guys.) might know, I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder (one of a few disorders. The rest mostly involve anxiety.). Well, at the moment, I'm dealing with the side effects of not having a sleep aid or mood stabilizer. More or less, I spent last night tossing and turning! It was horrid! I haven't been without a sleep aid for a very long time and I must go a week without it due to the expense of the medication. Can you believe that American pharmaceutical companies can get away with charging $430 A MONTH for one medication?! That's a little over 336 euros or roughly 266 pounds. Anyways, for those who aren't familiar with the disorder, it's like having a hundred hamsters running on wheels in one's brain! You'd think I'd be able to write a bunch of letter while staying up late, but nope! It's crippling! Anywho, enough complaining! I want to show off what Kiki sent me today! PUFFERFISH EARRINGS! Yes! Those are teeny little pufferfish! I want them in multiple colors! How amazing would blue pufferfish be? I could match all my work clothes with them! Check these puppies out!

Kiki always packages her jewellery so beautifully! I was too excited to photograph the gorgeous packaging she put the actual earrings in unfortunately. :/

Soooo cute!

And I also tried on my Scrabble tile necklace! So cute!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My mail this week has been a bit sparse given that I haven't sent a whole lot out! This coming week is finals week and my MASSIVE final for Introduction to Planetary Systems is more or less going to give me a bloody coronary! (Ew, that sounds kind of gross...). Anyways, things will pick up after the next two weeks! School will be over and I will be free to do whatever I like! Also, I have been typing quite a few letters because my stupid hand is acting up. :/ I'm a perfectionist and it's making things messy! I'm also kind of in love with using my new wireless printer, but that is a whole 'nother story! Another thing is that I'm witing to buy my new ink ribbon for my new typewriter to send out a few letters! I may have to just write them and wait because the new ribbon is like $20 and that's $20 I don't have! Anywho, on to the mail!

Here are some outgoing pieces. :)

One to Laura over at Please Deliver to...

Letters to Sophie and Elisabeth!

And here is some incoming!

One from Tess. :) And the stamps!

Check out the cool movie ticket!

And here is the big question. WHERE CAN I GET THIS STATIONARY!?!?!

Next is a lovely letter from Sandra!

Yep, those are socks on the postage stamp!!!

A lovely card from Miss. Laura! I love the notecard she used!

And last, but not least! A fab letter from Savannah in England! I am IN LOVE with the Scrabble tile necklace she sent me! The bow even has writing on it!

Friday, May 4, 2012


ScootScoot got a treat of bananas today!

The 'nanner' was completely devoured within a few moments! And these were those moments! :D

Mail, mail, maiiiiiiil!

Mail calllllll!


Isn't this mail box just the cutest? Haha. Oh, how I love my Hello Kitty! Anywho, I got so much wonderful mail this week!

Lets start out with a lovely box of goodies for a review and giveaway from Zombie Heart!

How cute is the tape she used?!

A lovely letter from Miss. Merissa! Oh, how I swoon at the sight of her penmanship!

How cute is her stationary?! And she also sent me a little matching paper goodie. :D

I'm in love with the pocket/tag design. ^^

Next is a fab letter from Kiki on even fabber stationary! Does that make it 'fabu'? I think I might just be making up words now...

And my goodness, stickers! I loooove them! I love Rilakkuma!

Next was a lovely letter and goodies from Anastasia! She sent me some teas and also a really helpful map to help me find the coins she needs to complete her collection! She also sent a photo (but I don't show personal photos.) as well as a very special vintage postcard that has promptly gone on my inspiration wall! I also put ALL of my pen pal photos on my inspiration wall, so her photo is up there, too! :D

Check out the new coin for my collection!!

Here are the stamps:

The postcard:

Oh! I almost forgot! She sent me this awesome collection of air mail labels! SO GREAT!

And here is the awesome coin list (it seriously helped me SO MUCH.) and the coins I'm sending! Don't worry, you can't see the states. ;)

Up close!

And what I'm sending! It's not all of it, though! I still have a piggy bank to go through later on today!

A fantastic package, right?! Moving on! To an equally fantastic package! My dearest friend J. from The Cute Side of Life posted a Lord of the Rings quiz and apparently I got the answers right! So, I was EXTREMELY surprised to find such a wonderful present in my mailbox! I was so excited because I adore her so much! She sent cute card, ADORABLE recipe cards, and an (as always!) great note!

I am in love with these recipe cards!!

Rose sent me a great letter! I can tell a letter is from her as soon as I pull it from my box! :)

And last, but CERTAINLY not least! A great (and gorgeous!!) letter from Bee! She always decorates her letters beautifully!!!

WELL! It's rather early in the morning here, but I want to get to writing and working on my Pinterest board for the Chronicle Books contest! :D