Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not much is going on. :/

It's shameful of me to say, but I haven't been putting out much mail! But I did take some photos of my day that I thought I would also share! This post was originally going to be on what I got for Christmas but I decide to not post on that today...Would you guys like to see what I got? Or should I just forget the idea altogether?

Anywho, mail first! Just a few pieces of outgoing today!

To my prison pen pal, Jeffrey! I mentioned in this post why I send him various postcards!:

He decorates each envelope when he writes! here's a snap of part of one of them!

To Sandra!

And to Marta! Such a boring one, I know. :/ I need to get back into mail art! I've just been so tiiiiired!

And lastly, some photos from my week so far! Started a letter...

Headed out to start my day...

Stocked up on BabyLips! (yes, I have a problem.)

Wore my new earrings!

Took a break and looked through my calendar (thanks TMC!) after using some hand sanitizer...no idea why I took the photo!

Had a 'break date' with my co-worker...Yum! We ordered a bit too much food but it was tasty!

And lastly, cleaned up (that's Allie, my co-worker...) and headed home!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hi guys!

I have a teensy bit of a favor to ask! I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I write two prisoners, one here in California, and another in northern Nevada. I know what you're thinking, but they are really nice guys and I thought they might like someone to write to in order to break up their day! SOOOO...I came up with an idea! I'm sending them postcards to show them some of the places that they can't see while in prison! Both have long sentences and both want to see the world, so I thought seeing it through post might be cool! So far, they are enjoying it! My only issue is that I only have California postcards! I can only send so many from here! haha.

So I was wondering, would anyone be willing to send me some un-written postcards to send to them? I would greatly appreciate it and can send postcards in return if you like? Or something else? Please let me know!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Crap photo but new hair!

Did I already post this? On well. Bright red hair as of this morning!

Sharing some stamps and mail!

Hi all! Finally a post! I'm posting from y phone so I have no clue what order these photos are going to show, haha.

Oh! I also want to show you guys my drivers license photo, haha. Random, I know, but I was waiting for them to send me a new card and I'm so stoked to see that they kept my original photo! It's from when I got my drivers permit at age 15! Unfortunately, I also got a traffic ticket to go along with it... -__-

Okay! So here are some mail and stamp photos! The photos should go in order, but who knows. The top should show the stamps I bought today! And then mail photos after! There are a bunch of incoming, too, but I forgot to rotate them so those will come in another post!

Hope your week is going great! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh, post office...

Why must you take chunks out of my paycheck?! But it was well worth it! :) I don't think I've spent this much at the PO in SO long!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WEDNESDAY! Finally a mail day!

Do you know why I'm loving on this particular Wednesday? Because mail day is finally here! I may be a weirdo, but I hate pointless postal holidays. And yes, I think New Years Day is a pointless holiday. I'm weird, I know! But I have to work ALL holidays, so they never feel like an actual HOLIDAY! Plus, we get no mail on days like New Years Day! :/ Anywho, I have a whole pile of mail going out on Friday! Stupid me forgot to buy stamps last paycheck, so I have two weeks of outgoing mail piled up to send!

Lou, Juliana, and Lotte...

Frida, Jennifer, and Vanessa...

Sonja, Eveline, and Coby...

Tehren, Fee, and Sarah...

Caro, Konstantina, and Sarah!

And lastly, more Tweety stationery!