Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hey guys!

I'm back! Its about 11:45 pm here and I'm feeling so inspired!I'm getting back into blogging ASAP here within the next week! I know I'm super behind, but there is what I've got to reply out to!

Sending Monday, October 27th:

- Helen in Wales
- Arwen in Scotland

And after that, I place on getting a bunch of writing done wile I'm on vacation in Wisconsin! The only trouble I'm having is finding a decent web layout creator! Any ideas:

And any ideas on what you'd like to see would be great! I'm super behind of prize sending but I'm hoping it will pick up!

Anywho, here are the letters waiting for response! (in no order!)

- Jojo in Austria
- Konstantina in Greece
- SARAH! in England! EEEP!
- Sarah U. in Denmark
- Nina P. in Germany
z- The lovely Lainey R!
- Sophia in UK.
- Amy from UK.
- Fawn?
- Tee from Canada.
- Juliana Amon
- Ciara in Chino
Fallon in USA
- Anna from Poland - Kiki from US