Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boring. :/

Well, today was spent checking out some nice apartments for my Grandma, but it just made me want to move out on my own even more! But it's so expensive!

Thankfully, a lovely package was received from Lainey! Along with her great letter, she sent me some shiny butterfly stickers, a cute 'Jamaica' flip flop key-chain (which I'm putting on my key-ring!), two postcards, and some fantastic photos!

Anywho, here's the packet!

And the awesome stamps!

The key-chain and stickers!

The gorgeous postcards!

YS Falls!

Blue Mountain!

And finally...paradise. This is a photo she took and sent me. :)

Isn't it amazing?


Almantina said...

Surely amazing *.* I especially love the stamp with a lighthouse. Do you collect them?

Lady Kay said...

No, I don't collect them. I have a stupid amount (meaning a couple hundred pages of mounted stamps and 4 bags of vintage/not so vintage used and un-used stamps.)of stamps though. I send them out with letters to my pals who collect them. :) i never remove stamps from my letters unless the person specifically asks for them back. :)

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