Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet mail!

I had a good mail day today, but i also sent out a huge amount of mail! Wahoo!

So allllll of those goodies (letters and swaps!) headed out all over the world today!

Just for some comic relief before I put up my incoming...

Honestly, what tortoise is comfortable in this position?! I picked him up and turned him around. What a weirdo.

OKAY! On to the mail!

Check out the amazing stuff that Bree sent with her wonderful, long letter! Yay for new things to add to my currency collection! The informational cards are really great, too!

Cool stamps, right?

Up next are more air mail labellllssss! These are from China!

I also got something really cool! A deco made for me! This is the first time I've ever gotten a deco made for me and it's so lovely!

The cover:

Check that out! It's EMBROIDERED!!

Seeing this awesome deco makes me want to make some decos! Particularly kawaii ones. :) How cute would some kawaii/cutesy decos be?!


SaskiaHamilton said...

That Deco is definitely cute! I've never been involved in the world of deco's and ATC's :S Also loads of mail going out Kendra, that must have cost a fortune :O!

Lady Kay said...

You'd be surprised! It was actually kind of all by chance. I somehow managed to rack up a bunch of smaller count stamps so I was able to send out more this week.

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