Saturday, February 11, 2012


I was so excited with the mail I got today! One letter from DeeDee! Yay!

Look at the goodies she sent! We both love fish tanks and she sent me a photo of her old salt water fish tank and also a photo of herself. I kept that one hidden for her privacy. She also sent me some kraft envies! I LOVE KRAFT ENVIES!

I also wrote a letter to Miss. Miki in Japan. I love San-X stationary! Too cute!

And I picked up some new stamps! I've been waiting for these ones to come out! BONSAI TREES!

I love them!

And of course, what would one of my blog posts be without silly Scooter photos? firstly, he apparently thing he's Spiderman...

And these next ones are just absolutely adorable in my opinion. The pink this is a purse that's in the closet his enclosure is in.

Last night:

And this morning:

That's my baby boy! Also, I have named my new goldfish 'Lola'! I'm still not sure if she is a she or a he, but oh well. She's too young to tell.


Almantina said...

I love the colorful mail ^^ and bonsai stamps! You.have.these?o.o amazing...
And your turtles are so cute, now I feel so lonely without any pets at home ;/

Lou La La said...

I'd love to write to you lovely! My email is please could you let me know your address? Many thanks x

Limner said...

Happy Valentine's Day. :)

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