Friday, February 17, 2012


Yes, that is exactly how I feel at this point in time.

It is five in the morning. And I'm awake. And also hacking up my left lung (or right. Or both, possibly....). The worst part about it is that I've got a job interview today! Who in their right mind is going to want to hire Typhoid Mary for a position?! I will be going either way, though! The only issue is that it's only five in the morning and my interview is at THREE IN THE AFTERNOON! Also, you would think that drinking excessive amounts of water would help a sore throat...NOT. And all I want to do is go snack, but my damn diet prohibits that! ARG!

Anyways, I'd better get on to showing you the mail I got yesterday! :)

First off is a lovely letter that I got from the even lovelier Konstantina in Athens! I also, aaaalways enjoy her letters! :) and once again, I was teased with the PaperChase stationary! If only the shipping rates weren't so high! I might consider buying some letter-sets if I get a job of some sort soon! I just love the labels and vellum envelopes, but I wish the sheets were double sided!

And here's the stamp! My mom is always fascinated by the different stamps that come on my letters and she was tickled pink to see a Greek stamp!

I also got my very first Valentines Day themed letter! It came from Miss. Sarah in Norman, Oklahoma. It was fantastic! She even used adorable little rubber stamps on her letter! And the envelope was also handmade, too!

Check out the delightfully vintage-esque "Mad Hatter's Tea Part" stamps she used! Please ignore the shadows. Like I said its, five in the morning (well, now 5:45 in the morning.) and it's still dark out, which means my room is dark too!

Super cute, right? The letter was written on a sort-of linen paper as well!

Next up! A wonderful letter from Barbara in Czech Republic! I really enjoyed reading hers and will be responding very soon! (Very soon meaning once I get paid and get stamps! haha.)

And last, but certainly not least, I found a wonderfully decorated envelope package (lets call it an 'envi-package' because it really was in between.) from my new friend Robyn in Cincinnati, Ohio! She included such great gifts and also, her envelope was amazing! Now i get to figure out what to send her in return!

Here is the envelope...notice the sewing details? Fab, right?

Want a close up? Hand-sewn buttons!

And here are the wonderful extras she sent me! The big Hello Kitty is actually attached to a clothespin, so I can stick it anywhere I like! And the pin-wheelish flowers are so cute!

Well, that's it for now! I'm going to try and get some more shut-eye and hope I don't wake up a half our from now. :/


Robyn said...

sorry to hear you are sick - hope you get better soon! Also - so very sorry for the postage due that never happens to me, I will send you the money in the next letter! : )

Lady Kay said...

Oh no, don't worry at all about it, Robyn!

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