Friday, February 10, 2012

Closet-Turtle? And great mail!

Scooter has escaped once again! He lives in my closet (I'm not sure if I mentioned that before.) and he managed to escape his bin!

Here he is, sleeping like a baby. He didn't even open his eyes when I took his photo!

Now, would you like to see WHERE he was sleeping?

Yes, that is him. On top of a mountain of clothing I no longer wear, purses, and shoes. He also left me a present on one of my boots. -_-

He's such a little bugger. My little escape artist!

Anywho, on to the mail!

Check out the cute stamps! This letter is from the lovely Miki in Japan! She also sent two FB's along. :)

Next up is an adorable penguin letter from Ayumi in Japan! I didn't want to show the letter itself, but she wrote it on die-cut penguin pages! So cute! She also sent me some extras, which were adorable little square matroyshka doll note papers!

The next letter is absolutely beautiful! It's from Hannah in England! She included some stickers, vintage ephemera, stamps, and two lists of her favorite books and things she collects! It was written on lovely stationary as well.

Absolutely beautiful, isn't it?! I wish I could have shown the address/return address because it was gorgeously drawn!


Anonymous said...

Scotter is simply the scene stealer of your blog! Makes me wonder why I never kept a turtle!? Laughs. That is simply the cheekiest picture of him I've seen yet through here! Fully asleep and content,...

Anonymous said...

Methinks I misspelt your turtle's name!! :O
Please forgive! The mouse was faster with the click than I was with the spell check! :O

MarksMomma said...

Hello - I stumbled on your blog from a Google image search for Russian tortoises. I have 3 Russian torts (1 big 30-year-old female, 1 5-year-old male, 1 4-ish one that I don't know what gender).
Your tort Scooter is cute! I wanted to mention that his beak is badly in need of a trim. The cheapest way to get it trimmed is to see if there is a reptile rescue society in your area - they will usually trim for free (and they have more practice at it than most vets).
Keep up the good blogging! :)

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