Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Puppy bed buddy. :)

Well, my parents and youngest brother are away, so it's just me, my three dogs, and my 16 year old brother until Sunday! You'll notice some puppy butt fur in some of the photos, haha. That is because this little boy (he's not little. 27 pounds of neurotic, 4 year old terrier....he was only supposed to be TEN pounds...) and he is taking up the entire left foot side of my bed. I feel my mother's pain! My brother and I each took a dog (the third one doesn't sleep in bed.) and I got Maxx. :) I'm sleeping with dog toys!

Just for reference:

I'll admit, he is pretty cute when he sleeps, haha. Or in general. But I think I might be biased! haha. Anywho, on to the mail! I got two wunderbar pieces of mail today!

The first is from Miss. Rin! She included some lovely extras and I really liked the techniques she used on the envelope! I'm going to have to try using some of my acrylics and water colors on some paper and see what comes of it.

Here are the stamps! I've already written the probably doesn't make much sense, though. My brain is feeling a bit fuzzy at the moment...has been for a few days. But as of yesterday, my neurologist says everything is alright! Apparently, I no longer have to have brain wave scans because my brain is constantly abnormal and has stayed that way for five years...comforting, right? Oh! And! I'm lucky enough to have the pleasure of getting a bone density scan...You would think one's doctor would tell them that the medication they've been on for five years (and will be on for the rest of my life...) CAUSES EARLY OSTEOPOROSIS! Ugh. Wow, where did all that come from? Guess it's just something that's been bothering me!

I also got this lovely, loooovely letter full of pamphlets and postcards (and a fantastic letter!) from Lou in England! Check out the dainty deco tape!

Here's some outgoing...Also in there is a baby name filled letter to Teresa, but the photo came out blurry! I'm just about to run out of air mail envelopes AGAIN! i really need to see if I can find a source around here.

Well, time to sign out! Maxx gave me his 'it's bed time' howl! Tomorrow, I'll be starting fresh with a VERY belated letter to Magda!

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Marina said...

I love your colorful letters!! :) When I see such a cute pictures, I start thinking of putting my letter photos on my blog all the time :)

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