Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yay for babies!

You know, I was really expecting more mail to be delivered today! Nevertheless, I received some lovely letters and some fantabulous news! One of my close friends and pen pals, Teresa, is having a little boy! Yay! She sent me the news in this letter:

With this stamp:

And I hope she doesn't read my blog because i already bought her something! :D

I also got a lovely letter from KG in Toronto! Isn't the envelope great? She sent me her awesome new zine, too!

The golden dragon stamp is one of my favorite Canadian stamps!

This is her zine...hand-stamped!

This is the best part...are you ready? MOOMIN STATIONARY!! I NEED to find myself some of this but Moomin stuff is so expensive! I hate it!

Debbie in the UK sent me a really lovely package. The envelope, paper, and all of the goodies matched! Her art is so lovely! And check out all of the postal stickers she made! They match the envelope!

Inside was a lovely typewritten letter (her typewriter was so much bolder than mine!) one matching stationary as well as matching goodies! Two postcards, stickers, a miniature notebook, and a sparkly pencil!

And finally, she sealed it with a gold wax seal! That's something I've always wanted (sealing wax and a seal, not her seal, haha.) but I could never afford!

The lovely Michelle sent a great postcard from Geneva! So pretty!

And last, but certainly not least, a letter from Kelli! I love her letters so much! And how cute is that address label?

I'm thinking that I really need to get a larger cork board so that I can display all of the postcards of the places I want to visit...My little inspiration board is so teeny and I have so much I want to hang up! I once hung postcards all over my wall and had a straight-up wall of postcards, but my OCD is really only allowing me a minimalistic room...Speaking of my room, I really need to clean it! I'm thinking I'll do a giant overhaul in the next few days because my parents are leaving with my youngest brother tomorrow (at four in the morning!!) and heading down to the Los Angeles area to try and get my grandma packed up a bit. So it'll just be me and my 16 year old brother at home alone until Friday! Well, time to get some letters written and get some homework done!


Marina said...

I am so jelaous, I didn't have good mail day in ages, I only get one or two letters a week :) I have to start answering letters faster :D

Limner said...

That's some delicious mail. Lovely baby things. I need to use my seals more often. They're fun.

Marian don't despair. Mail is always on its way. :)

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