Monday, January 30, 2012

Yay! Monday!

My mail definitely helped spruce up an otherwise boring Monday! I'd been in astronomy class for three hours and finally, I'm home! They broke out some math today and I about lost my marbles. :/ Oh well....guess I'll be making use of the tutoring offered at my college! Anywho, on to some photos!

I got this absolutely beautiful painted envelope and card (plus goodies!) from the always awesome, Cara, of Chewy Tulip!

She sent me some fab postcards and an awesome bookmark! I think I might actually get my tuckus down to the public library to use this puppy! Or use this fly?

I got a really great letter from Kat in Germany! It's so wonderful to hear from her! And she sent me two new pens to try! I used them on one of my Astro assignments today and I am in looooove! I've got to have more Stabilo's! Preferably in black for everyday use! Hmmm...Ebay, here I come! Also, check out that Diddl dude on the front! He's HAND-DRAWN!! She always hand-draws fantastic figures on her envelopes!

I received a lovely Paris postcard from a new postcard pal! Paris is one of my favorite places in the entire world, so I always love to get cards from there!

Next, I got a wonderful letter from the even more wonderful Konstantina in Greece! check out the cute cutouts on her stationary, the awesome map-lined envie, and the neat stamp!

And lastly, a swap from a friend! She send me some more air mail labels! YAY! And how cute is the snowflake stamp?

I'm going to do some writing tonight! And I'm also super excited because two of my new favorite shows are on tonight! "Being Human" on the ScyFy channel and "Alcatraz" on FOX! You guys should check out "Being Human" if you dig vampires and werewolves!

I've also got a jewelry review coming up soon!

Jan. 30th, 2012

It's almost January 30th! Which means I will be posting the winner of the TEO Stationary giveaway here in about ten minutes! At the moment, I'm watching Mission: Impossible! I haven't seen this movie in so long! Weirdly enough, it's kind of inspiring me a bit! I used to love coming up with ideas for new young adult novels, and I may have to think about perhaps a spy outline! I've written so many outlines it's not even funny....I used to write ALL THE TIME when I was in high school! I would print out draft after draft to correct my mistakes, keep them in binders, and then eventually discard them because either a) I hit a massive amount of writer's block or b) I realized that I was pretty much writing my manuscript based on a novel I was currently obsessed with. For example, Harry Potter. Totally made my version of it! I was only fourteen, but still!

Anywho, since today is a Sunday, I obviously have no mail posts! I've actually got a boatload of mail going out, but I'm honestly too lazy to photograph it. I've got letters going out tomorrow to: Nicole in Germany, Gladys in Singapore, Bev in England, Elyse in Sweden, Jennifer in England, KG in Canada, my dear Clare in England, and also Hannah in England!

Something I also wanted to share is an awesome post from an even err...awsomer? lady! Bianca over in Australia is the wonderful young woman who owns (Does one own a blog? oh well.) Goodnight Little Spoon! For quite some time, I've been kvelling over her mail art! It's so lovely! But recently, meaning VERY recently, she posted a few of her books that she's made in summer school! hey are just fabulous and I loooove the idea of them! It makes me want to take a book-making course!

Check them out!

This one is a letter holder:

The second is a postcard book!

Both photos are credit to Bianca!

You can check out her full post here!

And also! It's time to announce the winners of the TEO Stationary giveaway!


TMC is the winner! Will be shooting you an email in a few moments!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yay! Mail!

FINALY! Mail! I've sent out a few things....Not too many. I've got a lot of letters to write, but they'll be going out as soon as I can get them out! The first week of school really threw me off!

Oh! Something crazy happened yesterday! My little brother (he's sixteen.) was walking around with his friends last night and they broke off to each walk home once it got dark. Well, his best friend was walking home and a couple of guys came up behind him and mugged him at gunpoint! Super scary! I live in a sleepy suburb where the most crime you get is a teenager driving his Lexus into a tree while drunk, so this was a big shock! It's even worse because the police didn't believe him! They thought he was making it all up! Probably because he's a teenager and the cops around here are coooomplete jerks. In the end, these muggers took him for SEVEN DOLLARS a watch worth a couple hundred dollars. On another note, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND GIVES A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD A $200 WATCH?! I'm 20 years old and I don't have jewellery that's worth that much!

This is what I've got in my 'incoming' mail bag!

There are a couple of things that I've sent out!

Here's my reply to the fab Kelli in Colorado!

This is the letter she sent!

And here are the other two that I sent out. I reeeeally need to get some more of those adorable envelopes but I can't place any stationary orders until I get a job!

And here is what I got today and yesterday! Yay!

Here's a lovely purpley letter from Maija in Finland!

I got a great letter from a new pen pal in Germany. I wanted to show off the neat stamp with Romania on it!

Here's another letter from a new friend! She found me via my blog...funnily enough, we grew up only a few miles away from eachother!

Who can resist Hello Kitty in a leopard suit?

I got a great letter from Sabrina in Germany! I love her address labels!

How cute is the deco tape she used?

And last but CERTAINLY not least! DeeDee in Canada sent me an AMAZING package of the vintagey styled recipe cards that I love and use all the time! Fab, right? I hope my letter got to her alright!

How fantastic are those?! Such a good Saturday's mail! Folks, my big stationary giveaway ends here in a couple of days, so make sure you sign up!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Labels from Hong Kong!

Today, it was rainy and glum...just the way I like it! I'm odd, I know. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been born English. Is it really that cold and rainy in England? Perhaps one of you can tell me!

Today was another slow mail day, but I received an expected swap from someone in Hong Kong! :) And he so kindly included two spare envelope! I've been looking all over for air mail envelopes, trying to avoid purchasing them online. In the end, I may end up doing that.

Check out these fab air mail envelopes for my art! I'm really excited! And how cool are those stamps and postmarks?

Tonight will probably be spent watching a couple of prison documentaries (I'm not sure why I love them so much! Am i weird? Probably.) and nursing my knee, which was fine this morning but now it's hurting again!

So, for now, over 'n out!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am alive!


Somehow or another, I managed to injure my knee! I haven't a clue why, considering that I steer clear of physical activity...I think it might have to do with something to do with my sitting cross-legged all the time, but it seems to have gotten much worse! I look like an idiot walking around with a hobble...I experienced my first time getting up and down the planetarium's three flights of stairs with a bum knee today! Not fun at all.

I am itching to do a jewellery review, but I've made a rule that I won't review things while a giveaway is going on! I really should be doing homework, but I'm ahead, so I guess it's okay. Perhaps I will read my astronomy textbook...or not. I've been reading a lot of blog posts lately about creating envelopes, so that is also an option!

What a terrible blog post! I haven't gotten hardly any mail since school started! And I'm still catching up on my mail from when I was in San Diego! Can you believe that?!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's Sunday and there are quite a few things I hate about Sundays. Normally, it's just the fact that we don;t get mail on Sundays, but no, there are more reasons on this Sunday!

a) The postage rates here in the states went up today.
b) University starts back up tomorrow!

I'm really not bothered by the domestic postage rate only going up to 45 cents, but $1.05 for international letters? Seriously? Maaaaannnn....Now I have to figure out the math, too, because I don't like always using just the one international rate stamp. I like to mix it up and use domestic stamps and add on extra postage, too.

Here are a few mail photos of the things I sent out. I'm not including some of the review products that I got, so these are just my outgoing letters. :)

Headed out to DeeDee in Canada! She's the creator of TEO Stationary. I included some goodies in her letter. :)

This one is going out to Cherie! Oddly enough, it's written on TEO stationary! Gotta love those paper bag envelopes!

One headed out to Kay! We were pen pals years back and we've managed to re-connect, so this is my first letter to her, stuffed into an envelope made of the funny pages!

One headed out to Ayumi!

And lastly, some stamps headed to a new friend...I still need to write her letter!

And of course, Scooter pictures...

Yes, he is spoiled...I make him lovely salads and a plethora of other things.

Oops! He's got some on his chin!

Also, here are my two finned friend's who are always watching over me. They live in aquariums right next to my bed!


And Bert! Yes, I did just say his name is Bert. It just came to me when I bought him...

Well, I guess I'd better end this here! I want to go over the first few PowerPoint presentations for my first lectures...Introduction to Planetary Sciences...What in the hell was I thinking?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bah. :/

Today is one of those know the type where you KNOW that you need to do things but you just don't have the motivation to do them? That's how I'm feeling right now!

For example. I really need to:

- clean and move one of my betta fish tanks.
- fold my laundry.
- organize my financials.
- figure out how in the hell to make my room presentable.

On the brightside, my mom is bringing me home a Starbucks Skinny latte!

So, before I show you what I got in the mail, I have some Scooter photos for you! This morning, he was nomming on some nice Romaine lettuce. :D He's currently living in a small enclosure in my closet while I try to save up to buy materials to make a big 'tortoise table' out of wood with my dad....It'll go in my closet, too! I also need to make room for a possible second tortoise, so I've been brainstorming on how to break up the tortoise table. Anyway, here he is! My shelled babykins! He really needs a beak trim...eek!

"Hmmm...where to begin, where to begin...."

"Ahhh, yes."

"Please get that camera out of my face and get my beak trimmed..."

I love him sooo much !

Before I get to the mail, I wanted to mention something regarding my future reviews. Something random about me is that I adore jewellery! I love cute pieces especially! So, because I adore it all so much, I will also be reviewing jewellery from various Etsy artists! I love promoting handmade goodies. :) I will also be doing my normal giveaways, so you will all have a chance to win some great pieces!

I'll give ya'll (did I just say ya'll? I think I did...Sometimes I forget I'm Californian.) a sneak peak on some of the pieces I'll be reviewing!

Goooorgeous handmade wire pieces from RingBinder. Sneak peak of one of the pieces!

Delicious deco goodies from funwithartz

Cute goodies from minxdenpartdeux!

And beautiful earrings from NewWorldEmily! I'v got quite a few other artists that I will be featuring besides these fabulous creators!

ON TO THE MAIL! Today was especially light. Bleh. :/

I got this wonderfully decorated package from an Etsy artist who's jewellery I will be featuring...The Hello Kitty graphics are printed on the envelope itself!! How cool it that?! I want some of those packing envies! To bad my printer is crap right now!

I got a wonderful letter from Hannah in England! A letter got lost and she had to write a new one! Look at the wonderful make-up palette she sent me! I love Paris so much, so this is perfect! What a wonderful surprise gift!

I also got a lovely letter from Kylie in San Francisco, but I didn't take a photo of it, and a purchase from Ebay came! I love Origins face products but they was incredibly expensive! I have EXTREME eczema and this is the only stuff that works! I paid $7.50 for a tiny little one ounce bottle! Yikes!

And here is a sneak peak of one of the Etsy packages I got today! It's what was in the glorious Hello Kitty package!

WELL! I have plenty of letters to write today, so I will end this here! Make sure you enter the TEO Stationary giveaway!