Monday, January 30, 2012

Yay! Monday!

My mail definitely helped spruce up an otherwise boring Monday! I'd been in astronomy class for three hours and finally, I'm home! They broke out some math today and I about lost my marbles. :/ Oh well....guess I'll be making use of the tutoring offered at my college! Anywho, on to some photos!

I got this absolutely beautiful painted envelope and card (plus goodies!) from the always awesome, Cara, of Chewy Tulip!

She sent me some fab postcards and an awesome bookmark! I think I might actually get my tuckus down to the public library to use this puppy! Or use this fly?

I got a really great letter from Kat in Germany! It's so wonderful to hear from her! And she sent me two new pens to try! I used them on one of my Astro assignments today and I am in looooove! I've got to have more Stabilo's! Preferably in black for everyday use! Hmmm...Ebay, here I come! Also, check out that Diddl dude on the front! He's HAND-DRAWN!! She always hand-draws fantastic figures on her envelopes!

I received a lovely Paris postcard from a new postcard pal! Paris is one of my favorite places in the entire world, so I always love to get cards from there!

Next, I got a wonderful letter from the even more wonderful Konstantina in Greece! check out the cute cutouts on her stationary, the awesome map-lined envie, and the neat stamp!

And lastly, a swap from a friend! She send me some more air mail labels! YAY! And how cute is the snowflake stamp?

I'm going to do some writing tonight! And I'm also super excited because two of my new favorite shows are on tonight! "Being Human" on the ScyFy channel and "Alcatraz" on FOX! You guys should check out "Being Human" if you dig vampires and werewolves!

I've also got a jewelry review coming up soon!


sherixfirefly said...

Definitely looks like an awesome mail day to me! Lucky lady <3

Resuri said...

I loved the stamp! * v *

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