Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some outgoing and incoming!

So, lets start of with my outgoing and incoming!

I sent out a letter finally! I had to print it out at school since I didn't have printer ink! Of course, right after I printed it, I picked up ink on my way home, haha.

I sent a letter out to Kelli that was delayed due to the printer issues, but I already posted that in a previous post.

Miss. Bree got a letter put in the mail box for her today! Handmade envie, too! Yay!

And I got a gloooorious letter from Miss. Michelle in Leeds! I love, love, love her stationary, especially her vellum envelopes!! I neeeeed to find some of those somewhere!

Check out the cute stationary! This is the backside of the pages. Adorable, right?

She even sent me tea! Lady Grey tea! And here's the best part...SHE SENT ME INSTRUCTIONS! Including how it's best! Without milk, haha. And the package was adorable!

Hopefully, I will have Michelle's letter ready to go to my mail box tomorrow!

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Bree said...

YAY!! Hope it reach home soon! :) But I will not be home until March though. College life is crazy! :(

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