Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tour? And apparently, I am the bracket queen this morning...

Well, since it's almost 5:30a.m. here and I am a bit bored, I figured I would do something a bit different! I am always fascinated by what people's rooms look like as well as their homes, so I'm going to give you folks a room tour! Eventually, I will also *maybe* do a house tour, but I'm not sure yet! :) I really love my room! My mom and dad designed it themselves as a surprise for my 16th birthday! I came home from Europe and BAM! New room! Don't let the photo colors deceive you! I'm testing out some of my new camera apps! Unfortunately, these turned out a bit grainy! The actual wall color is a nice tan, and my douve cover is a nice sage green. :)

Anywho, here goes!

Firstly, here is my house. You can see a glimpse of our truck there:

Here is an overview of the room. A small hallway (old photo!) leads into it.

Next is my dresser area. Both my dresser and bedside table are from IKEA (YAY IKEA!!!). Funny story, though, for those who aren't familiar with IKEA, you pick your furniture up un-assembled. Well...we accidentally picked up my bedside table in a lighter color. It wouldn't have been a huge deal, but my dad and I didn't notice it was the wrong wood color until AFTER we had completely put it together!

The piece of artwork above it was made by my aunt. It's constructed from a very old window and the glass panes of it have various dried flowers bunches inside. It's gorgeous, however, it will need to find a new home come Christmas because I'll be putting up a 32 inch flat screen TV in that spot. Oh! Speaking of TV! I took my tiny one out...we cleaned my entire room the other day and it took too much space! I'd rather display my typewriters on my dresser than a TV! Also, you can see (sort of... the photo is far away...)my beloved Hermes 300 cursive typewriter displayed as well as some candles, a goldfish themed bowl which I use for earrings, bobby pins, and hair ties, as well as three of my medication bottles! To the left is a barren necklace rack and a ceramic vase holding fake cattails and a few other fake flowers. Please ignore my small dirty clothing pile! Haha. My mom stole my dirty laundry basket and I have to wash my work clothing separate from any others!

Here we have a not so great photo of my wall collage! This grouping consists of almost everything that my pals have sent me! I am constantly adding to it! Look closely and you may find your photo displayed! ;)

Such a difference compared to what it used to be!

Next up is my desk! It's a corner desk as you can see (I can't believe my parents did such a great job picking things out!), but I can't use it as a desk due to my being massively tall and my legs not fitting under it!

At the moment, I use it to display my Smith Corona Coronet and my Smith Corona Electric! I'm hoping to sucker my dad into mounting a shelf in my room for my typewriters somewhere, but he hasn't caved yet! haha. Also displayed on my desk are various trinkets, quite a few from pen pals, river rocks from a Chinese river, pottery from Caltagirone (Sicily) and from Cefalu (also Sicily.), a Hello Kitty Sushi re-ment, Teavana bird tea cup, various journals/notebooks, some written in, some not, my tea cups from my great-grandmother (see post here), souvenirs from my visit to Europe, a few plushies, Angel's collar, my single TokiDoki unicorn (I WANT MORE!), and my teeny Matroyshka doll collection! I'm hoping to eventually pick up some more! Oh, you can also see some of my framed photos from Europe to the left side of the photo as well! Oops, I mean right! Clearly, I was not paying attention when they taught us left from right in kindergarten!

On the bottom shelf is a shoe box containing some items that I need to review (I have to get to that soon! Things have just been nuts!), a few cleaning supplies (anti-bacterial wipes and general spray cleaner), a Sanrio store bag that I keep letters in from people who decided to stop writing me (the bag only contains a few.), and the white pull-drawer contains all of my fountain pen inks and accessories!

Oh, you can also get a glimpse of my window and wrought iron wall sconces! I don't know why I didn't take a photo of that. I think I just figured it was only a window, haha, but here is an older one! I love the little doo-dads that hold my curtains and beads when I want them out of the way!). My window overlooks our backyard, but trust me, you aren't missing anything right now...Since my dad bought his new toy, our lawn/backyard has gone a bit neglected...He's a bit fixated on the Jeep at the moment! (Proof of insanity here....) His comment on Facebook when he posted that photo was, "The next photo of me will be me curled up in a fetal position crying under the Jeep." Needless to say, this is what to the mechanic it went! Yep, that is my father. He's insane, but I love him. He's probably at work working on his "What Need to Be Done on the Jeep" Excel spreadsheet right now. Yeah, I said it. He has an Excel document on it... I just find the topic pretty hilarious. Also, this makes our FIFTH car (plus a dirtbike [we downsized, used to have two more] a AND a trailer. Yeah, you guys can go ahead and say it. We are THEE WORST economical Americans in the world...Oops, tangent!Sorry!

I actually went and took photos of my yard a few minutes ago... Figured I'd show you my view anyways! I had to go outside because I have 'sun shades' on my windows that keep our house from getting too hot during the summer. So here's my yard! The first photo shows our pathetic looking veggies, strawberry plants, and dwarf lemon trees/bushes, and our barbeque and whatnot. Dad is very particular about not using a gas grill...Something about flavor. So weird.:

And then this shot shows the rest! Normally, there is a cover on top of that cabana, but some nasty winds ripped it off! Also, there is a big side yard where we keep our trailer if you were to turn right at the end of the photo:

Okay, next up are the sides of my bed! I don't have much storage in my room (and my closet is a MESS. It used to be semi-neat! That's only half, by the way, and I keep all my craft materials in there (It's double-doored closet.). I keep a lot of things on either side of my bed. Here, you can see my small pull-out box that contains my letter-sets, my filing bin for letters, and my black iHome. Also, you can see my pretty wrought iron head board (again, good job, mom and dad!) as well as my laptop (and wireless mouse...stupid mouepad went out on my computer! -_____-), complete with Hello Kitty decal!

And now for the other side! Here, you see my pen caddy, where I keep my normal markers, my Hi-Tec-C/HTC refills, and most used rubber stamps. You can also see my side table (this is the one we got from IKEA and messed up! haha!), two of my clipboards, complete with Hello Kitty loose-leaf paper, trash can, and bag that contains letters that need to be replied to. I've found that the bag technique is working okay now, given my lack of space! Also, not sure if you can see it, but there is a small framed pink thing at the top of the photo...that is the first letter ever written to me by one of first pen pals and now my best friend! I plan on framing more and making another collage! Oh and that white thing on the wall to the right of my bed is the remote control to my ceiling fan/ceiling fan light. There's also a lamp there, but apparently, it was being shy and didn't want to show it's light fixture!

And finally! My side table! This small set of drawers holds my pen-palling supplies. The top is filled with stationary, deco tape, stickers, envelopes, and other bits and bobs. I write in bed, so I like to have my supplies close! The bottom level contains loose leaf, and large stationary (like designed printer paper and pads.). Up on the very top level, you can see my little circular vase-y thing (which holds my most used pens), stamps for easy access, my glasses, a few stray bobby pins, my TV remote ( TV isn't in my room anymore. Not sure why that's still there!), a letter that I am currently working on, and a striped (recycled! I'm economical with organizational supplies!)organizer. Oh, and also, there's a huge glass of water in the front accompanied by a smaller glass of diet Coke, haha.

The stripey organizer contains more of my most used pens, some plain colored envelopes in two sizes, index cards for addresses, tons of my address labels (which I made FAR too many of!), post-it notes, and other random useful goodies. Oh and that white thing on the wall is the remote control for my ceiling fan/ceiling fan light.

So, there it is! My room! I know my posts have been a bit off lately, but this is one I've always wanted to post! :) Off to have a cup of coffee downstairs with my daddy!

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Yoshi said...

I really enjoyed that little tour through your room ^-^ :) You have many many awesome things! I really envy you for your three typewriters ^^ I definitely like your room :) I'd love to show you mine some day ^-^ But I need to clean up first *cleaning since morning already ^^""*

Also I'm sorry for your lovely dog! I really hope he doesn't have any pain!

Hugs my dear beauty :)

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