Saturday, December 31, 2011

Teacups and New Years!

It's New Years Eve! Can you believe it? I certainly can't! Do you have lots of fun plans? I do! Tonight, my family is having a huge New Years party/triple birthday party! We're celebrating the new year as well as my cousin's 17th birthday, her mom' (my aunt.) birthday, and my father's 50th birthday! My cousin was born on her mother's birthday! Can you imagine? And turning 50 in a really big thing in my family since most men of the family don't live to be that old!

It's going to be really nice to see all of my extended family. :) We drove down here (to L.A.) from Northern California and my family is heading back tomorrow,l while I'll be going to San Diego until the 12th to stay with my best friend! Wahoo! Want to know the best part? I get to skip the 7-8 hour drive home and FLY back to Sacramento! YES!

Anywho, while I was here (we're staying at my grandma's house as usual!) my grandmother mentioned that she was going to head to the same postal store I go to in order to have all of her mother's tea cups packed and mailed to her cousin in the midwest...Tea cups? I HAD to see them! I love tea cups and I love to display things! So she let me pop the box open and check everything out! Unfortunately, a couple of pretty cups had the handles broken off, but the rest were intact!

Look at them all!! And here is the best part...she's letting me keeping TWO! I', sending them home with my parents so they don;t have to be put in my suitcase...aren't they lovely?

This one is rather Moroccan, don't you think?

And I also chose this one! I love the green and purple in the design!

This was kind of a random post, I know. I don't have any mail to post except for the mail I got prior to leaving home on the 28th! Unfortunately, Grandma has super close DSL internet, which means downloading images to her computer goes at a snails pace! I'll have to make a full post (and another stationery review!!) once I get to my best friend's house in San Diego and once I find some proper wireless internet!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!


Marian said...

Wow! Those teacups are just beautiful. I love family heirlooms like that. Happy new years!

Ania said...

Very beautiful teacups. Happy new year! :)

Hayley Elizabeth said...

This is so fun! I've been into teacups recently - so fun to see these lovely pics!:)

Ren said...

sounds like you are having a blast!!! i get to see my grandparents this weekend and I am so excited cause I haven't seen them in 6 months! hope the rest of your trip goes great!

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