Thursday, September 20, 2012

I held something interesting last night!

Ugh, I wish I had gotten a photo, but I couldn't! But last night, I held my ex-boyfriend's...wait for it...

Yellow Anaconda!

I know what most of you are saying..."EWWWW!" But seriously, it was probably the most gorgeous snake I have ever held! Like I said, I would've taken photos, but this species can be extremely unpredictable and I wasn't quite willing to upset it! I've been bitten by several species of snakes, but I wasn't sure if they were 'latchers' or 'strikers'. A lot of constrictor species will latch on and not let go, but a lot of them just strike, mostly out of fear, but they also simply strike and that doesn't hurt much! Kind of like a few shots. Anyways, I wanted to show off a few photos of these guys just so you can see how beautiful they are! In the states, you will only see them in captivity as they are native to South America.

These guys don't get as large as the green anaconda, but they get big! They get over 11 feet in length and can weigh up to 80 pounds, sometimes larger!

Awe, look at those faces!

I know they look terrifying, but I like to at least show reptiles and share my experiences so that people somewhat lose their nervousness towards them. They actually remind me of puppies for some reason, and a lot of the more calm species, such a ball pythons (one of the most common pet snakes out there.) have such sweet dispositions! Sweeter and more docile than any animal I have ever seen! Anywho, yup! That's what I got to do last night! :D

Now be honest, would you be able to resist this face? Haha.


Anonymous said...

Only one snake won my heart over, and his name was "Monty",... I cannot remember if I ever shared that story with you, so I'll include it in my letter! :) The picture that shows how many people it takes to carry the snake!? Monty needed AT LEAST 10 people!! That's how BIG he was! :O Otherwise,... I'm a bit on the fence with reptilians... although there are a few exceptions. I adore iguanas!! And yes, I generally freak out over snakes... yet, I'm known to pet them if their at an exhibit. Guess I'm a bit like you in that regard -- don't want to just dismiss a whole species out of fear!

Yoshi said...

My dear Lady, that's a lovely snake :D Cute ^-^

Alex (Maine) said...

What a cute snake face! :D

I found your blog through the Penpal of the Week blog...and I love it! :D You just 'found' a new reader :) I'll put your link on my blog.

Greetings from the other side of the country! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your next posts!
Tried to stay up, but I sort of half fell asleep in my attempt! LOL And, yes, I'm still into ATCs, I've just have lacked the inspiration to create them!! :/ Envelopes, on the other hand are my new LOVE!! :)

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