Friday, September 14, 2012

I need your opinions?

So lately most of you have probably noticed my lack of posts and I am so sorry for that! I was without a camera for a while and am working quite a lot but now I want to get back into avidly posting.

Now, my question to you guys is; why would you like to see more of? Is there anything new that you might like to see? Pen pal ads or interviews perhaps? Give me some ideas! Tell me some of the things you would like to hear/read about!

Also, I think pen pal ads and reviews are something that I will indeed start doing, I just don't want to feel like I'm 'copying' Julie over at Pen Pal of the Week. But if anyone I interested in being featured, please contact me via the email that can be found in the left-hand sidebar!

Now, off to work for me!


Anonymous said...

Actually, there are a few other blogs out there that feature pen pal adverts... let me see if I can dig them up for you!? I think everyone likes the personal touch of reading about other correspondants and their adventures in seeking out like-minded friends. I'm not sure its a case of copying, but rather, a nod to an idea of how to keep everyone connected. You can put your own spin on it -- and therefore, make a new original contribution.

Hmm.... there are two other blogs, but I'm apparently at a loss to locate them. At least, these do agree with what I said. There are other bloggers attempting to unite penfriends with each other. They each have their own unique version of the same train of thought.

I look forward to seeing what you decide to do!

Anonymous said...

Ah ha!

I *knew!* I'd find one of the other links at some point! :) LOL

Lady Kay said...

Ooooh! I've never seen this blog! Thanks!

Ps. Who is this? I'm curious!

Anonymous said...

I emailed you! :)

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