Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mail and Scooter!

Well, I managed to get two letters out today, what with my busy schedule and all! One to Sophie and one to Petrova (which is sooooo late!)! And I also had a few bonding moments with Scooty! I'll show the outgoing letters first and then get to the tortie photos!


Oh! And I bought (or ordered, rather...) my new iPhone cases! I went with your number one suggestions and then chose another that I thought was just plain cute! I hope to build a nice collection someday! :)

This one:

And this one:

I ended up choosing a white iPhone, so I need it covered as much as possible!

Also, it is official....I will be, in fact, featuring pen pal ads (hand-written is best, I think! Haha.) as well as pen pal interviews so please email me (email is in the side-bar if you are interested!) if you are interested! Also, please feel free to send your ads to the address that is also in the side-bar!

Now for my little Scooty!

And one last thing! My very close friend is looking for a few pen pals! I got her into writing letters and she absolutely LOVES it and asked me to hunt down a few more for her! Here is a bit about her!

Her name is Michelle, she is 21 years old and she recently moved to Costa Rica from California(in August!). She is an Anthropology major. Michelle is one of the sweetest, most down to earth, honest, and trustworthy people I know. She's positive and outgoing, and loves people and experiencing new things. She is suuuuper creative and LOVES stickers and cute stationary (and Sanrio! Haha.). In fact, we nearly covered everything in my bedside table with various stickers once during a late night sticker session! Haha!

She is looking for female pals only, between the age of 18 and 25! (No offense! it's just what she is most comfortable with!) International and US are welcome!

There's so much more to tell, but I think that is best said in a letter! :D

Here she is! (sort of, haha.)

Hopefully a few of you are interested! :D

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