Friday, September 28, 2012

Finally! Regular updates!

I'm actually kind of proud of myself right now, haha. Regular updating is becoming easier for me now that I'm not working six days a week (for the moment, at least!) and it also helps that for some magical reason, my body decided to wake me up at the ass-crack of dawn (aka. 4:15 am...), so I had time to get photos taken and whatnot! But before I get to that, I want to show off my baby! So, as a few of you may know, I recently acquired an iPhone 4 (Not a 4S...Siri drives me nuts, and not a 5 because well, I'm cheap. And it's too big anyways.) and I promptly ordered two cute cases for it! Little did I know, said cases were being shipped from HONG KONG! Apparently, I need to read the fine print on things. Once again, excitement got the best of me! Anyways, after a few weeks, they came, and I elected to use the less outrageous one (ie. the one that wasn't an entire Hello Kitty body...) and here it is!

Isn't it cute?! And the right ear acts as the top clicky button so when I want to turn on the screen, I clip it's ear! And as you can tell by the first background and second inner background, I have serious issues.

And before we get onto the mail aspect of this post, I wanted to get some feedback from you guys. What do you think of doing an organized group swap? I was thinking of starting out easy and organizing a music swap, perhaps? Like a mixed CD-type thing? I need new music and I love checking out what other people listen to! Opinions? We'd include a CD, a list of the songs/artists, and a decorated case/sleeve and mail it off to one or two partners? What do you guys think?

Also, since I managed to neglect the winner of my monstermango giveaway, I am announcing it now! Chosen randomly using a generator...the winner is...


On to the mail! Outgoing first! It's my day off, so I'm planning on writing quite a few more! I'm going to have to type a few, though, because my hand is kiiiiiiilling me! So hopefully those of you who get a typed letter won't mind! I promise to make them as pretty as possible!

OH! And where do you guys get your brown 'kraft' paper envelopes? I've been having such a hard time finding them at a good price and I can't order off Etsy at the moment due to PayPal issues!

OKAY! NOW I'm going to show you my mail! Sorry, that was kind of rambly, but I may or may not have had far too much coffee!

First off, a care package of stationary to one of my very, very good friends who is spending a semester in Costa Rica. She was running out of stationary (I hooked her on letter writing!), so i thought I'd replenish her supply a bit!

Next is to Miss. Helen in England! Love her!

And last outgoing is to Hannah in England! :)

Now for the incoming! Weee!

A wonderful letter from Konstantina in Greece! I should've taken a photo of the perdy backside of the envelope!

Neato stamp, right?

Next is from Miss. Court, who incidentally grew up only 10 or 15 miles away from where I live!

A lovely puppy-fied letter from Teresa full of tons of info on Baby Myles!

Next is from Debbie in Scotland! :D

And next up is an amazing (as always!) letter and pressie from Kiki! (Which reminds me, must send money for jewellery! haha.)

Stamps! I thought about getting these but then I changed my mind...maybe I will when I go to the post office this morning...

How cute is this deco tape? Seriously, I have never seen better packaging!

The letter...equally as cute!

And the extras! HOW CUTE ARE THESE STICKERS! Sorry they're tilted, lol. She magically knew that I love raised stickers, haha. And she sent me a Moomin card, so I'm sending her a special one back! :D

Now for the fun jewellery! Sooo...I'm kind of addicted to her work. Seriously. I have a problem. I need monstermango anonymous. But remember how I posted about the macaroon earrings she sent me the other day? I forgot to post a photo of the cute little acrylic container they came in, so here it is! And yes, that is, in fact, PINK BUBBLE WRAP.

So yeah, there's that, but here is what she sent me yesterday! BOWS! Tiny BOW stud earrings! I'm kind of addicted to stud earrings right now since they're more practical with work and yeah, like I said, I have a problem. Haha. How cute is the container? Washi take AND Rilakkuma AND a 'K'?!

P.S. Are you guys not TOTALLY stoked for Love Letters?! I can't wait to get my email with my partners!


Bree said...

My eyes nearly pop out (literally) when I saw myself as the winner of monstermango goodies! It's nearly 8am here and I'm pretty dazed. Oh well. Anyway, YAY!!! Thanks Kay for organizing the giveaway! All the pictures you've posted here are so cute. What a great mail week you had! :D

ShiaGirl said...

You should have the organized group swap. That'd be so cool.

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