Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sad News. Again.

My apologies for the multiple posts this morning but I just wanted to get something out we just found out about yesterday that's been quite upsetting for me.

Maxx, my 4 year old Jack Russell mix has been with us ever since he was 5 weeks old. He wanted dumped in a bush and forgotten about until I stumbled upon him whilst getting into my car after a job interview. He was dirty, hungry, and so, so young! So, I took him home and being that we already had two dogs at the time (Bella,6 and Angel, now deceased.), my father was very adamant about not keeping him. My parents absolutely did not want three dogs and they were definitely going to take him to the pound the next morning, but then, out of the blue, my dad asked, "Lemme see him." Dad has always been a sucker for baby anything and as soon as he picked him up, Maxx(or Maxxy as we call him. He also goes by Doodle and Dude. I often also call him Poodle, no idea why! His 'full' name as we call it is 'Maxwell Doodle'...because when he was a puppy, he 'doodled' all over the place!)climbed up to his chest, snuggled up, and fell asleep.

He didn't confirm anything, however, he did tell us to take him to the vet since he looked so young. He only weighed about a pound or two and he could sit in one hand, so we were concerned for his health. Dad figured we could take him to our vet and then find a home for him. The vet confirmed that he was, indeed, about five weeks old, much too young, and because of that, he never learned the things that his mother should have taught him (ie. pooping in his crate/bed, being social with other dogs but our own etc etc.). We told him the story of how I found him and the vet asked if we were planning on keeping him, saying she could find him a great home, and I looked at my mom, and she replied, "Can you micro-ship him for us?"

As soon as we got him home and told me dad, he knew he was going to be with us for forever. Since then Maxx has COMPLETELY bonded with my my mom and dad, howls a greeting at anyone who comes into our home, and is just a wonderful dog (outside of being afraid of everything that moved outside of the house! haha.). Ironically, my father, who didn't want to keep him at first, now can't really sleep without him!

Anyways, a few days ago, we noticed that he was having trouble with his right eye and that is was red, had discharge, and he was blinking profusely, so we took him to our normal vet, who referred us to a vet who works on eyes and...well...

She told us he has a serious eye disease called 'glaucoma.' You guys have probably heard of it as it is very common in humans. But at a mere four years old, he has glaucoma. Apparently, that is extremely rare, and we believe it is because of possible inbreeding (he does have various other issues, like his hips, for example, but that could/most likely is from him being a bit overweight! But we're working on it!) due to the fact that it is hereditary. I'm just worried. The doctor says he is in no pain, but he can no longer see fully out of his right eye and only see's lights and some shapes, and he could lose his other eye to the disease in two years or so at the earliest.

Has anyone had anything similar happen with young dogs? I'm so worried about my Maxxy. :(

Where's 'Waldo'?!


Anonymous said...

Its not always a death sentence,... as I knew someone whose dog went completely blind, but for some reason, it didn't stop the dog! This was a person who had other dogs in the same house (like you!), and I'm forgetting the details, but this dog wanted to continue to live, and figured out a way to use his sense of smell to find his food, water, and even enjoyed being in their backyard. I know they would take him on walks, and he didn't mind as he trusted his owner to lead him. I wish I could offer more solid hope/answers, but I've only known this one intense where what was once thought to be wrecking, turned out okay in the end.

I am sure they have come a long way with eye surgeries for dogs, as much as treatments for glacoma. Your quite right, its very common in humans and it has affected a member of my family. I never knew what caused it either.

I don't want to offer false hope either -- I just felt compelled to share that since Maxxy has built-in support, he might be able to sort out a way to continue to explore and thrive.

*On the fiction side of things, have you ever seen: The Long Shot? Its about a horse that goes blind, but due to having a barn buddy is still able to learn how to adapt to a new life without sight?! Its seriously one of my favourite horse dramas! Next to: Virginia's Run, and the Man From Snowy River film series.

Lady Kay said...

I know he's going to be alright, it's just that he's my baby, you know? And it kills me that he's going through all of this.

Anonymous said...

I think anytime one of our dearest loved companions is suffering through something, it simply guts us from the inside out. I know I was the same way each time one of mine (cats) had a similiar wrecking dianosis at the Vets. Being human is hard sometimes. Just envelope yourself around him, and as you reassure him, it will boomerang back on you, calming you and reassuring you that he's not only going to pull through but he'll be okay overall.

I must have misread a piece of this, as I wasn't sure when I posted if he was going to be 'okay' or if they were still sorting through everything at the Vets.

*big hugs of support*

xo.sorcha.ox said...

I'm sorry to hear of your sad news. Your dog is adorable. I hope it all works out for you, your family and little Maxx.
Warmest Regards,

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