Saturday, September 8, 2012


So, I basically feel like the worst person in the entire world right now. I just wanted to post up and apology to those that I haven't written recently. I have a few letters that I haven't replied to since June and I feel absolutely, positively HORRID about it. Things have been incredibly busy here these past few months what with work and some health issues and whatnot. I've spent the last few months going through some absolutely crap co-workers and waiting on an interview with a promotion and it's just...ugh. Financial strains are weighing heavily on my shoulders as well. Anywho, I wanted to post a list of those who I owe letters to and then I'll be updating that as I post them! Also, I'm planning on downsizing a little bit, so I'll be sending off a few emails. So here goes:

- Lilith (done!)
- Liz (I got your pot card by the way! And the birthday gift!)
- Sophie (started!)
- Rose (done!)
- Becky
- Petrova ((done!)
- Elisabeth (also started!)
- Felicia (done!)
- Zelam (done!)
- Ayaka
- Bridget
- Teresa(started!)
- Laura(done!)
- Elyse (lost!)
- Linda (lost! Grrr.)
- Stephanie
- Kiki
- Josie
- Miki
- Ashley (done!)
- Juliana (started!)
- Natasha
- Bree (done!)
- Kiia-Riikka
- Katie
- Terry
- Frida (started!)
- Amy (started!)
- Carmen (done!)

Yeah, I know, that's a lost. I've kind of neglected them! That and I get paid every two weeks so it's kind of a pain in the tuckus. but alas! LOTS will be mailed when I get paid in two weeks! I have a piled of finished letters currently sitting on my side table (in the loft, haha. I emptied out my ENTIRE room to clean and suckered my daddy into shampooing my awful (and burnt. Don't ask. Tortoise heat lamp incident last winter...) )

ALSO, i completely blanked on announcing my last giveaway winner (and STILL haven't sent a stationary package, so that will be going out, too!). Apparently I have issues with leaving mail in my car..ugh.


Felicia said...

Goodness, that's a lot! I totally understand how you feel though (although maybe not to that extent, as I have about that many pen pals altogether) as I have had times when I don't want to write at all, and it just keeps piling up! I hope that you'll feel caught up soon, and that everything else will sort itself out :)

Lady Kay said...

Yeah, I was feeling like not writing, too. Thankfully, a bunch of them are birthday thank you cards, so it's a bit different. I normally don't have so many piled up, haha.

Anonymous said...

I know what you're talking about. It took me ages to catch up with my mail and I am still not caught up completely. But sometimes it is just not possible to do what we really want to do :(

Frida said...

I know the feeling! Sometimes it just really piles and piles!

But take your time in getting everything right again ^^, Letters are a slow business, just pretend you're more back in the days when mail was super sloooow from one country to another, tihi.

Have a lovely day wherever it is possible at least! (:

Katie said...

Aww Kendra I know how you feel. Sometimes one can feel overwhelmed with life and it leaves you feeling like your in a rut, take your time , I have all the pacience on the world:)

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