Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am alive!


Somehow or another, I managed to injure my knee! I haven't a clue why, considering that I steer clear of physical activity...I think it might have to do with something to do with my sitting cross-legged all the time, but it seems to have gotten much worse! I look like an idiot walking around with a hobble...I experienced my first time getting up and down the planetarium's three flights of stairs with a bum knee today! Not fun at all.

I am itching to do a jewellery review, but I've made a rule that I won't review things while a giveaway is going on! I really should be doing homework, but I'm ahead, so I guess it's okay. Perhaps I will read my astronomy textbook...or not. I've been reading a lot of blog posts lately about creating envelopes, so that is also an option!

What a terrible blog post! I haven't gotten hardly any mail since school started! And I'm still catching up on my mail from when I was in San Diego! Can you believe that?!


Ania said...

Oh girl, knee problems are not fun. I know something about that, belive me. Would you like to write something more about Scooter? I would love to see his place to live and that kind of stuff. I would like to have a turtle but I am not sure... I've read their not that easy to keep alive.
PS. I havenn't gotten any mail lately too. :(
Get well soon!

Lady Kay said...

I know! I know it has something to do with my weight, but that's not exactly a quick fix! I'm going to have to write a post specifically on Scoot sometime soon...I didn't realize that there was that much interst!

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