Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yay! Mail!

FINALY! Mail! I've sent out a few things....Not too many. I've got a lot of letters to write, but they'll be going out as soon as I can get them out! The first week of school really threw me off!

Oh! Something crazy happened yesterday! My little brother (he's sixteen.) was walking around with his friends last night and they broke off to each walk home once it got dark. Well, his best friend was walking home and a couple of guys came up behind him and mugged him at gunpoint! Super scary! I live in a sleepy suburb where the most crime you get is a teenager driving his Lexus into a tree while drunk, so this was a big shock! It's even worse because the police didn't believe him! They thought he was making it all up! Probably because he's a teenager and the cops around here are coooomplete jerks. In the end, these muggers took him for SEVEN DOLLARS a watch worth a couple hundred dollars. On another note, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND GIVES A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD A $200 WATCH?! I'm 20 years old and I don't have jewellery that's worth that much!

This is what I've got in my 'incoming' mail bag!

There are a couple of things that I've sent out!

Here's my reply to the fab Kelli in Colorado!

This is the letter she sent!

And here are the other two that I sent out. I reeeeally need to get some more of those adorable envelopes but I can't place any stationary orders until I get a job!

And here is what I got today and yesterday! Yay!

Here's a lovely purpley letter from Maija in Finland!

I got a great letter from a new pen pal in Germany. I wanted to show off the neat stamp with Romania on it!

Here's another letter from a new friend! She found me via my blog...funnily enough, we grew up only a few miles away from eachother!

Who can resist Hello Kitty in a leopard suit?

I got a great letter from Sabrina in Germany! I love her address labels!

How cute is the deco tape she used?

And last but CERTAINLY not least! DeeDee in Canada sent me an AMAZING package of the vintagey styled recipe cards that I love and use all the time! Fab, right? I hope my letter got to her alright!

How fantastic are those?! Such a good Saturday's mail! Folks, my big stationary giveaway ends here in a couple of days, so make sure you sign up!


Deaf Dragon said...

I see my mail! With the Hello Kitty sticker! I'll wait for your reply! Have a wonderful evening!

Ania said...

I love vintage goodies! And thank God there is not much gum-crime in my area because there are diffrent. It sucks when you think you live in quiet place and then something like that happens.

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