Thursday, January 26, 2012

Labels from Hong Kong!

Today, it was rainy and glum...just the way I like it! I'm odd, I know. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been born English. Is it really that cold and rainy in England? Perhaps one of you can tell me!

Today was another slow mail day, but I received an expected swap from someone in Hong Kong! :) And he so kindly included two spare envelope! I've been looking all over for air mail envelopes, trying to avoid purchasing them online. In the end, I may end up doing that.

Check out these fab air mail envelopes for my art! I'm really excited! And how cool are those stamps and postmarks?

Tonight will probably be spent watching a couple of prison documentaries (I'm not sure why I love them so much! Am i weird? Probably.) and nursing my knee, which was fine this morning but now it's hurting again!

So, for now, over 'n out!


SaskiaHamilton said...

Haha! it's not always that rainy in England, but sun is rare and the wind is vicious. If it's rain you're after you'd be better in Scotland. I'll send you some airmail envies and stamps in my next letter xox

Anonymous said...

I do like prison documentaries too, but I still think it makes us weird ;)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being a bit unique in a world where too many tend to follow the crowd! I've watched quite a few myself... heaven help me, I know not why!? The one that airs on OWN is esp a good one... Behind the Bars? Beyond the Bars? Whichever. Tune in.

Lady Kay said...

Hmmm...I'll have to check that one out! I'm limited to basic cable right now, but I might be able to get that online!

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