Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have arrived!

Well, I am officially in San Diego! It's beautiful here! Today, I spent four hours walking around the biggest outdoor mall I've ever seen. FIVE LEVELS! Can you believe that? And I went into a store and promptly purchased 25 San Diego postcards! I wish I had gotten more Los Angeles cards, though! I've already sent out five cards! I wish I had taken photos of them, though!

But I finally have photos of the mail that I got before I left for my trip on the 28th! I received a letter from a new pen pal and I so wish I could show her AMAZING handwriting, but due to privacy issues, I can! :( Perhaps in the future!

First off, my mobile writing folder and some of the stationary I used! Yes, I am addicted to cute stationary...

And on to the letters! The first is from Finland! i really enjoyed the stationary! Wonderland-ey, don't you think? The sender has such beautiful, small handwriting, too! I'm jealous!

And of course, the stamps! Oh, Finland, how I love your postage stamps!

Next up is a letter from the lovely Diomira!

And a letter from Clare in the UK! Such cute stickers!

Such a short post! I can;t wait to get home and check out the pile of mail waiting for me!

ps. My best friend works at a tea store and I am officially addicted!
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Anonymous said...

*v* What a beautiful stationery you have!

SaskiaHamilton said...

I agree Finland stamps are the best. I just love them :) England could use a little improvement. Nothing against our queen but I'm sure out pen pals get annoyed seeing her all the time, She's like a third wheel in a pen pal friendship. xD ^.^

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