Monday, January 2, 2012

Still at grandma's house!

Being at your grandmother's house is something special, isn't it? I'm her only granddaughter, so it's extra special for me! It's just her and I right now (my grandmother died in January four years ago and the 4th anniversary is coming up soon!) as I'm waiting to go to San Diego tomorrow. I always manage to find the most interesting things here!

For example, her quilts! I've counted eight quilts so far! Only two are in use, but still. And these aren't just any quilts...they are HAND-SEWN quilts! Hand-sewn! Can you imagine that? Apparently, her mother really enjoyed quilting. :) My favorites of all of them is the one on my bed. 'My' bed is my mother's old room. :) I'll also note that my feet hang off of it by about six or seven inches...I don't know how my mother slept on it given that she's two inches taller than me! (I'm six feet tall. 182.88cm./1.8288 meters for those of you using metric.)

This is that favorite quilt. :) It's yellow with squares made up of all random fabrics! I'm thinking maybe she used scrap fabrics. All of the quilts were made in the 30's or before! Can you believe that!?

This is how I wonder my parents kick me out of the trailer when we go camping... Lady does NOT travel lightly! For the record, though, this is for ten days in San Diego, too.

I'll have mail photos of the few letters I got before leaving home and what I'm sending out (hopefully I remember to take photos of everything...) when I leave grandma's...her DSL is super slow and I'd rather just do it when I go to SD. Plus, I have plenty of postcards to send from there and I want to get photos of them! Guess that's it for today!


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