Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'M HOME! [part one]

Finally! I'm home! I am incredibly glad to be home. I never thought I would miss it so much! My vacation to San Diego wasn't the best emotionally, but I was glad to spend time with my best friend! I came home to a MASSIVE pile of mail. Massive, absolutely massive. I ended up accidentally staying up until 3 in the morning reading everything. Needless to say, I have lots of writing to do! Naturally, I've taken photos of everything! I left out some packages and some letters, though...I think this will end up being a two part post.

So, first up, I want to show you some of my purchases! I did some shopping whilst in San Diego and I also got a late Christmas gift from Blowfish shoes! BOOTS! I wear boots all the time.

They're all fuzzy and comfy! I had to stretch them out the first few days because my feet are massive. Size 11...practically ski-size!

My limited edition pocket Moleskine planner came in the mail right before I left. So many people, especially in the fountain pen community, are completely against Moleskine due to the paper quality, but I still love 'em! Something about the simplicity attracts me! This is the first time that I have purchased a pocket sized planner, so we shall see how it goes!

Bath and Body Works was having an AWESOME same, so I stocked up on my body sprays and bought Kalie some gifts for letting me stay with her. I didn't get photos of what I bought her, though. I also got some Origin's samples to test out! I use the small body sprays for my purse! Perfect size!

Of course, I had to pick up some fridge magnets for swapping! The rubber VW bus is already spoken for!

POSTCARDS! Los Angeles, Malibu, Ventura, San Diego...

How lovely is this Teavana tea cup? I doubt I will ever use it! I've put it on display along with the tea cups my grandmother gave me! Unfortunately, I only have the cup and not the infuser or cap...luckily, Kalie gave me a tea ball!

I also found an absolutely PERFECT new bag for my mobile writing kit! An air mail zip pouch! Look at it!! How could I have said no?! I bought it at Papyrus for $7.95.

Now for the best part of all. SANRIO! The particular mall I went to was outdoor and FIVE STORIES HIGH! And they had a fabulous Sanrio store! I bought two letter sets, Kerropi and Sugar Bunnies, and a package of filler paper!

Fabulous, no?

Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me in San Diego, so I couldn't photograph my outgoing mail, but I sent several postcards (I bought a sheet of postie stamps before I left! haha.) and quite a few letters! We spent a significant amount of time at home in the apartment (we didn't do any typical SD activities like SeaWorld or the zoo...) so I have PLENTY of time to write letters! I wrote quite a few introductory letters! Anyways, here's some of the mail I got!

A lovely letter from the even lovelier Consuela in Chile! Check out the cool label!

An awesome letter from the even more awesome KG in Toronto! I love using "Hello, my name is..." labels for addressing!

A nice bow-ey letter from the lovely Jennifer, a fellow blogger over at Snail Mail, and life's tiny details.

Check out the Queen Victoria stamp! Did you know she reigned over England for a little over 63 years? How crazy is that? She was only 18 years old when she inherited the throne! She gained the title of "grandmother of Europe" when her 9 children and 26 grandchildren (the 26 that lived to adulthood, at least.) ALL married into noble/royal families! She married her first cousin, though, so that's a bit hinky, but hey, it was the 1800's, right? Being on a postage stamp seems quite befitting as she was a writer herself! She is said to have written 2500 words a day during her adult life and kept an extremely detailed journal which encompassed 122 volumes!! Most of her diaries still exist even after her daughter burned some of them while transcribing and editing them after Victoria's death.

A long awaited first letter from Lainey in Jamaica! My letter to her arrived surprisingly fast, apparently!

I got a really interesting vintage postcard of Farragut State Park in Idaho from Derrick and a lovely postcard of Singapore from Kiia-Riikka in Finland! Her holidays sound like they were an absolutely blast!

I love postcards with rounded corners. :D

I received a fantastic letter from Bahanur in Portugal! She also sent me some tea to try! I'm going to pull some tea out for her and send it along with my next letter!

As usual, Miki used sweet Rilakkuma stationary!

Check out this wonderful package from Konstantina in Greece! She sent me such a cool magnet and two great pencils for me to use when I start school again! The magnet is such a fantastic addition to my ever-growing collection!

I'm going to have to end this post here. Like I said, I'll be posting a second part, probably tomorrow! I've got a barbeque to attend with my family tonight! Yum!

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SaskiaHamilton said...

Woah so much mail, that's one of the thing I love about coming home after a few days is all the mail waiting for you! it's like a mini-birthday. I also love that airmail zip pouch! I've been looking for something similar for ages! :)

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