Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bah. :/

Today is one of those know the type where you KNOW that you need to do things but you just don't have the motivation to do them? That's how I'm feeling right now!

For example. I really need to:

- clean and move one of my betta fish tanks.
- fold my laundry.
- organize my financials.
- figure out how in the hell to make my room presentable.

On the brightside, my mom is bringing me home a Starbucks Skinny latte!

So, before I show you what I got in the mail, I have some Scooter photos for you! This morning, he was nomming on some nice Romaine lettuce. :D He's currently living in a small enclosure in my closet while I try to save up to buy materials to make a big 'tortoise table' out of wood with my dad....It'll go in my closet, too! I also need to make room for a possible second tortoise, so I've been brainstorming on how to break up the tortoise table. Anyway, here he is! My shelled babykins! He really needs a beak trim...eek!

"Hmmm...where to begin, where to begin...."

"Ahhh, yes."

"Please get that camera out of my face and get my beak trimmed..."

I love him sooo much !

Before I get to the mail, I wanted to mention something regarding my future reviews. Something random about me is that I adore jewellery! I love cute pieces especially! So, because I adore it all so much, I will also be reviewing jewellery from various Etsy artists! I love promoting handmade goodies. :) I will also be doing my normal giveaways, so you will all have a chance to win some great pieces!

I'll give ya'll (did I just say ya'll? I think I did...Sometimes I forget I'm Californian.) a sneak peak on some of the pieces I'll be reviewing!

Goooorgeous handmade wire pieces from RingBinder. Sneak peak of one of the pieces!

Delicious deco goodies from funwithartz

Cute goodies from minxdenpartdeux!

And beautiful earrings from NewWorldEmily! I'v got quite a few other artists that I will be featuring besides these fabulous creators!

ON TO THE MAIL! Today was especially light. Bleh. :/

I got this wonderfully decorated package from an Etsy artist who's jewellery I will be featuring...The Hello Kitty graphics are printed on the envelope itself!! How cool it that?! I want some of those packing envies! To bad my printer is crap right now!

I got a wonderful letter from Hannah in England! A letter got lost and she had to write a new one! Look at the wonderful make-up palette she sent me! I love Paris so much, so this is perfect! What a wonderful surprise gift!

I also got a lovely letter from Kylie in San Francisco, but I didn't take a photo of it, and a purchase from Ebay came! I love Origins face products but they was incredibly expensive! I have EXTREME eczema and this is the only stuff that works! I paid $7.50 for a tiny little one ounce bottle! Yikes!

And here is a sneak peak of one of the Etsy packages I got today! It's what was in the glorious Hello Kitty package!

WELL! I have plenty of letters to write today, so I will end this here! Make sure you enter the TEO Stationary giveaway!


Minx's Den said...

awwww scooter looks so cute munching on his lettuce! you are making me want to get a pet turtle now! (i know my hubby won't let me) lol you have some cool reviews coming up, I am excited to read them! have a good weekend!

Ania said...

Scooter is so funny. Everytime you write something about this little guy I want to have one like him. Haha... Maybe someday in the future. :) Nice post.

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