Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan. 30th, 2012

It's almost January 30th! Which means I will be posting the winner of the TEO Stationary giveaway here in about ten minutes! At the moment, I'm watching Mission: Impossible! I haven't seen this movie in so long! Weirdly enough, it's kind of inspiring me a bit! I used to love coming up with ideas for new young adult novels, and I may have to think about perhaps a spy outline! I've written so many outlines it's not even funny....I used to write ALL THE TIME when I was in high school! I would print out draft after draft to correct my mistakes, keep them in binders, and then eventually discard them because either a) I hit a massive amount of writer's block or b) I realized that I was pretty much writing my manuscript based on a novel I was currently obsessed with. For example, Harry Potter. Totally made my version of it! I was only fourteen, but still!

Anywho, since today is a Sunday, I obviously have no mail posts! I've actually got a boatload of mail going out, but I'm honestly too lazy to photograph it. I've got letters going out tomorrow to: Nicole in Germany, Gladys in Singapore, Bev in England, Elyse in Sweden, Jennifer in England, KG in Canada, my dear Clare in England, and also Hannah in England!

Something I also wanted to share is an awesome post from an even err...awsomer? lady! Bianca over in Australia is the wonderful young woman who owns (Does one own a blog? oh well.) Goodnight Little Spoon! For quite some time, I've been kvelling over her mail art! It's so lovely! But recently, meaning VERY recently, she posted a few of her books that she's made in summer school! hey are just fabulous and I loooove the idea of them! It makes me want to take a book-making course!

Check them out!

This one is a letter holder:

The second is a postcard book!

Both photos are credit to Bianca!

You can check out her full post here!

And also! It's time to announce the winners of the TEO Stationary giveaway!


TMC is the winner! Will be shooting you an email in a few moments!

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