Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Employment application from Hell!

Urgh, I just got finished with the worst and weirdest employment application ever. I have until May, which is when the state of California cuts me off from my disability fund, so I've been applying everywhere I can find. WELL, I found a kids photography place that is looking to, I started the application and all was well...until they gave me a 25 QUESTION MATH PAGE! WITH FRACTIONS AND NUMBER SEQUENCES AND EVERYTHING! I barely passed high school geometry! Lets hope they don't hire based on math ability! I mean, I can calculate change like a champ, but fractions? Really?!

AAAANNNYWAYYYYS, I guess I should put up my daily mail goodies, but first, I want to show you all the tiny little thing I picked up in San Diego that I completely forgot that I bought! His name is Alfie and he a teeny tiny (one inch or so.) ceramic, handmade and hand-painted sea dragon! Squee!

How cute is he?! i should have bought more in different colored, but he fits in perfectly with my display shelves!

And just for good beloved typewriters! I want more! Both are Smith-Corona.

Anywho, shall I move on to mail?

first off, I want to show you some coin finds that I'm sending to someone in China in exchange for some writing goodies! A Grand Canyon US quarter and a penny from 1944! Check out the old style-ness of it! I hope you can see all of the details in the quarter! It's pretty cool if I do say so myself! I hope the recipient is pleased! The penny is a surprise. :D He is also getting a map-card and a surprise Los Angeles card!

I also sent these cute recipes for homemade peanut butter to my dear Frankie in Pisa, Italy! Apparently, peanut butter is stupidly expensive there, so I thought I would send her some recipes so she can make her own! I even wrote the measurements in metric for her on the back to make it easier when she tries to make it. :D It was so cute to read how excited she was to find a place who sells and makes 'American' desserts! I NEED to find more of these cards! I only have one left!

A lovely friend in Germany sent me a big packet of decos! It's going to take me a while to work on them!

A new friend from Hungary sent me a great letter! Unfortunately, I can't read her return address! Check out the stamp, too! Vintage-esque, don't you think?

How groovy is this London bus stationary?! And a lovely awesome letter accompanied it! And it was mailed in a velum envelopes! Velum envies are up on my love level along with kraft envies. :)

I loooooved Ayumi's adorable letter! I have a love affair with San-X stationary. She also sent me some matching cute San-X sticker flakes! So sweet of her! I also love that she sticks her own labels on the front, too. For some reason, I can never get mind to come out perfectly straight!

A new pal sent me a super cute Tinkerbelle-ey letter! Look close! Even her return address label has Tink on it! Side note: my cockatiel is named Tinkerbelle. He's got a really bad attitude, though. Personally, i think it's because we named HIM Tinkerbelle....We normally just call him Tink, haha.

Next up is one of my favorite letters of the week! It's from my new friend Ammy from Singapore. Such a creative letter! I loved it! Once I opened it, the wheel in my head began turning regarding what my reply might look like!

Yeah, that's black paper! I so wish I could write in gel pen on black paper! i just can't find good quality gel pens that are affordable and black stationary! She also send some goodies, too. In a handmade envelope! She sent me some cute and super useful papers, too! I plan on using them for little notes and also in my planner!

The cool stamps!

Check out the sticker on the back!

And here is the beginning of her letter! I'm showing some of what I'm enclosing which is a bit of vintage stationary, but there's much more! She and I are both fans of re-purposing, so why not use a San Francisco map for the envelope?!

I also got a wonderful note from DeeDee of teo stationary. We're going to become pen pals, too!

How kickass is the rubber stamp on the bottom?! And the postage stamps, too!


The wonderful Nina in Thailand sent me her swap of air mail labels! She even included some awesome fish (or 'feesh') in KSpeak stickers! how did she know I am an aquariust?! I don't know! Speaking of aquarium...I really need to clean on of's getting bad.

I'm diggin' on the air mail stamp! I need to get one of those!

OH! And here are the stamps!

I also got an aaaaammmmazing package today, also another swap, from Holland! A FULL ROLL OF AIR MAIL LABELS! And some envelopes! I've been looking high and low for air mail envelopes because I really don't want to order the crap ones in my office supply store. Check out the awesomeness!! Isn't the packaging adorable? Notice the air mail colors on the twine!

Yup, whole roll. You guys are jealous, I know. Baha.

And last but not outgoing postcard for a swap for more air mail labels! How fab is this Moomin card? I have two sets of these ones (they have multiple designs in a package...I think there are six of them per pack.) and then one package of regular sized postcards in various designs!


Vagirl said...

Your tiny dragon is so cuuute! Wow, what awesome mail!

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Soooo funny!
I just came across your blog and saw my airmail package I sent to you. I didn't even know I "knew" you. ;) And I write to Ayumi AND Deedee aswell. Wow, what a coincidence
Good luck on finding more airmail stickers and envies! :)

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