Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's Sunday and there are quite a few things I hate about Sundays. Normally, it's just the fact that we don;t get mail on Sundays, but no, there are more reasons on this Sunday!

a) The postage rates here in the states went up today.
b) University starts back up tomorrow!

I'm really not bothered by the domestic postage rate only going up to 45 cents, but $1.05 for international letters? Seriously? Maaaaannnn....Now I have to figure out the math, too, because I don't like always using just the one international rate stamp. I like to mix it up and use domestic stamps and add on extra postage, too.

Here are a few mail photos of the things I sent out. I'm not including some of the review products that I got, so these are just my outgoing letters. :)

Headed out to DeeDee in Canada! She's the creator of TEO Stationary. I included some goodies in her letter. :)

This one is going out to Cherie! Oddly enough, it's written on TEO stationary! Gotta love those paper bag envelopes!

One headed out to Kay! We were pen pals years back and we've managed to re-connect, so this is my first letter to her, stuffed into an envelope made of the funny pages!

One headed out to Ayumi!

And lastly, some stamps headed to a new friend...I still need to write her letter!

And of course, Scooter pictures...

Yes, he is spoiled...I make him lovely salads and a plethora of other things.

Oops! He's got some on his chin!

Also, here are my two finned friend's who are always watching over me. They live in aquariums right next to my bed!


And Bert! Yes, I did just say his name is Bert. It just came to me when I bought him...

Well, I guess I'd better end this here! I want to go over the first few PowerPoint presentations for my first lectures...Introduction to Planetary Sciences...What in the hell was I thinking?


SaskiaHamilton said...

Lol! $1.05 is nothing! It's £1.10 here for international letters, or $1.70 in America! Ha! Any ways awesome mail! and Scooter looks as cute as ever :)

Ania said...

I love the colorful envelopes. :)

Meg said...

Your handwriting is super adorable!

Lady Kay said...

Good lord! $1.70?! I'm barely coping at $1.05!

Thanks, Meg! :D

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