Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lasy day of junk food...

Yep, you heard it. Today is my last day of junk food. No chips (or crisps for you Brits out there.), no sweets, no soda! I'm addicted to Coca Cola, so that will definitely NOT go over well! I've begun slowly exercising as well! Rather difficult, I must admit! I've just come to the conclusion that I am indeed, fat...very fat, and that needs to change! So, rabbit food (ie. vegetables.), broiled chicken, and water for me for the next few months! Oye vay. Guess I should get to the good part of this post then, huh? I received a lovely envelope full of goodies from Michelle in the UK today! She included tons of postcards from her recent trip, photos of her home and area, and used adorable stickers! I posted a letter to Bethany today as well as a letter to Jennifer! Anywho, photos!

Oh, how I love raised and/or puffy stickers!!

Look at the lovely postcards! I didn't include photos of her home for obvious reasons (too personal!) however, it is quite lovely! I absolutely loooove all of the postcards. you guys all know how obsessed with Paris I am, so i kvelled at the thought of having so many to put up on my wall!

Here are some cards from her area. Leeds and Yorkshire!

Here were my two favorite Parisian cards. :)

And more stickers! Woot!

Gah! I love those puffy England themed stickers SO MUCH! I want them!


Jennifer said...

Haha we can be diet buddies! I'm dieting too as of today. Maybe the dieting buddies bit is too much? :S

Henderica said...

Oh yes those puffy England themed stickers are just to cute :)
Should play around with my UK crafting itmes soon ;)

Lady Kay said...

I want those stickers so bad!!!

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