Friday, April 27, 2012

Is anyone interested?

I've got quite the collection of random kawaii stuff that I no longer need. Mostly bento items as well as a book that I accidentally ordered two off! So, I decided I would sell it! I'm going to post the items up here and then you guys can email me and we can discuss pricing! I really need room in my closet and I REALLY need extra cashola for my school tuiton!

So, first off is the book! It's called 'Withering Tights' and a by Louise Rennison. She is one of my absolutely favorite authors! It is in used condition and I am listing it for $5.00 plus the cheapest shipping possible, which is pretty much exactly what I paid for it! It's a paperback version and in great condition.

On to the bento items and whatnot!

One San-X Raccoon Kireizukin Seikatu plushie!

This is the exact plushie. Obviously, I'm not expecting $20!

Next is a Rilakkuma bird hat.

Various cell phone charms:

Green tea spoon cell phone charm:

Various bento accessories:

Cookie dough and sparkles necklace:

Still in plastic small bento set:

And lastly, another bento set! This one is larger:

I also have several pencils that I can take photos of. :)OH! And stickers! New and un-used or opened! Full sheets!

If you folks are interested in anything above, shoot me an email at: Also, I am willing to ship international!

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