Friday, April 27, 2012

Monstermango! *image heavy!*

So, I've been up all night. It's 6:49 in the morning and I've already worked out, so what does this mean? Time for a review! I know I said that I was going to go by a list, but I lied because this store is going up first! It's slowly but surely become one of my favorite stores on Etsy! All of you guys who love food-based accessories will LOVE Kiki's shop!

Perhaps you might like some macaroon stud earrings! Or maybe a matching macaroon bag charm? And I'm almost positive that you kawaii-loving folks would love her Korilakkuma necklace!

Or how 'bout a pair of Mamegoma earrings?

WELL. I had the pleasure of reviewing some of her pieces and also ordering a few more! I'm more or less in love with her donut earrings and own far too many pairs. A girl can never have too many donuts, right?

The first thing one notices when receiving a package is the outside of the envelope, right? obvious answer. Kiki's envelope did not disappoint, nor did her packaging! I received two different packages, so I will show you just the one containing the donuts, and then the inner packaging of the one containing everything else. The envelope and decoration was absolutely lovely! I was awestruck!

Here's the thing that I thought was absolutely adorable. each pair of earrings (actually, I'm pretty sure there were two pairs per box...) was cushioned in PINK bubble crap, carefully put into a plastic decorative box, sealed with matching washi tape, and decorated with simple stickers! She even personalized it with a little 'K'! I opened the package at the drive through window at a McDonald's and I almost squealed! SO. CUTE!

Inside! (I did say this review was picture heavy!)

Now, here is what they look like on! This is one of the large donuts. I forgot to mention that they come in two sizes! Small and large. All of her earrings are glossed over and completely sealed, even the embellishments. I've worn my sparkly pair multiple times and have and no issues at all. I also have had no reactions whatsoever to the metals or findings used...It's surprising all in it's own because I tend to be allergic to everything on this planet!

Now! On to the second package! Again, the packaging and wrapping...I need to drive this girl up to wrap my Christmas gifts for me! Each box was individually wrapped and tied in small, simple, white, and elegant in a handmade way.

And then each item (ie. necklace, charm, etc.) was individually bubble wrapped and closed using washi tape (!!! I need some!!!)

I really want to get into the detail of these earrings and all of Kiki's products in general. All are made with polymer clay and are absolutely beautifully crafted. The detail alone should say something! Here are a few close ups! Close up photos are definitely necessary in order to see the true detail and craftsmanship!

Fab, right? You'd think I'd be done, huh? NOPE! She even makes equally as awesome necklaces, phone charms, bracelets, and key/bag charms!

Shall we go into a quick overview of a few other goodies? I think so! Lets start with the necklaces! Her dessert-themed necklaces are as delicate as the foods themselves! Very feminine! They tend to be a tad bit fragile, so I suggest not wrestling and large animals (or younger brothers.) in them! Does it surprise you that the plate the sweets sit on is handmade as well? It is! haha. Seriously, this lady is uber talented!

A close up:

Here is a close up of the quality of work she does: close up!

And last but not least...BAG CHARM TIME! This has to be one of my favorite pieces! It's just so...yummy! The photo below shows Kiki's macaroon and cookie bag charm:\

Uh, hello? Haven't you fallen in love yet? This bad boy is attached with a gold chain as well as a lobster clasp. The 'cookies' are hard and show now dents or anything (I tried!). Adorable, no?

Lobster claws are seriously the best way to go. Sturdy, easy to put on...It's my personally preferred type of closure!

Overall...I love this stuff. Kiki and her pieces have captured my heart! I definitely suggest that you guys have a look at her store, monstermango!

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Yoshi said...

Sooooooo kawaii! :D I wished I would be as talented in packaging. Actually I suck at it. I always fear that it would open or get damaged so I use damn much tape XD It looks horrible when I do it XD

Your gets are really lovely <3 :)

hugs :)

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