Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Should I? Or Shouldn't I?

So, I'm in a small predicament here. I've got the opportunity to purchase/adopt a hatching Eastern Box Turtle for a seriously low price and I can't decide if I should or not! I want it so badly! How can you resist? Here are some photos....the first is from the actual owner. Oh, also, for those unfamiliar with these guys, box turtle are semi-aquatic. They aren't swimmers like water turtles, but they like to soak in lots of water and love humid hiding. So basically they're like tortoise only they like lots of water!

Here's a close up of what Eastern Box Turtles look like as babies:

And as adults. They range in colors:

What do you guys think? Keep in mind, I will be getting another tortoise here fairly soon, so two babies at once. I am so tempted! I mean, at least they're both babies, right?
Also, no mail today, but I will be posting outgoing today or tomorrow! I'm also going to be holding a naming contest for my new Sulcata tortoise once it gets here and a naming contest for the box turtle if I get it!


xo.sorcha.ox said...

Oh my gosh, so adorable! How could you say no? ;)

Yoshi said...

Sooo lovely! I would definitely take it :) Cuteness overload :D

Jennifer said...

Oh they're so cute!

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