Monday, April 23, 2012

Blah! Lists!

Okay, first off...I HATE THIS NEW BLOGGER! Second off, I'm planning on making two posts tonight. One is a crap belated mail post. not crap because of the content and letters, but crap because my younger brother wouldn't allow me to use his camera! BAH! And then one tomorrow of some mail and hopefully some Scooter photos as I've no liberated him to his outdoor pen. I shall also be writing a jewellery review this week! I have a day off in a few days and I have serious plans of getting that done as well as:

1. Organizing my writing supplies.
2. Organizing my pen pal things.
3. Making my room look like a normal bedroom and not like a tornado, earthquake, AND dust storm has gone though.
4. FINALLY planting my spring vegetable seeds!

Also, I may or may not be working out. Given that I work at a store that sells workout clothing, I figure I should probably get going on getting more healthy. Ergh. I think I might borrow grandma's gym or go swimming if it's hot enough!

Anywho, I got this lovely idea from my beloved Yoshi! I'm going to make a 20 facts about me list! I was also thinking of putting up a giveaway once in a while based on these facts but that's just me toying about. We shall see!


1. I am rather tall. 6' (feet.) tall or 182.88cm OR 1.8288 meters. Phew! Too many measurements! I want my international readers to understand the height without Googling it!

2. I have had pretty much every single hair color you can image, including super long red and blonde extensions. One day, I will post photos of my various phases! I have to track them down first though!

3. I do not sleep unless medicated into a (safe) coma!

4. My family consists of my parents, two brothers, 16 and 11 years, 2 dogs, a cockatiel bird, a betta fish, some aquatic snails, and Scooter!

5. I have only had a small number of actual birthday parties.

6. I am a serious carnivore! I wish I weren't though! I love, love, love steak!

7. I drink far too much soda! ( Coke and Pepsi. )

8. I sleep with my baby blanket, Kibi, even if he isn't much of a blanket anymore!

9. I have a huge extended family and most of us are crazy, but in a good way!

10. I have five tattoos.

11. I graduated early from high school at age 16.

12. My pen pals mean the absolute world to me and I trust them more than the friends here at home!

13. Favorite foods: mashed potatoes, soup!, sourdough bread, steak, pasta salad, pesto on anything....

14. Dislikes: turtlenecks, bad drivers.

15. I have an extremely difficult time not finishing a letter once I've started it!

16. I absolutely adore large cities! But at the same time, the country is nice, even if I am allergic to everything in it!

17. I drive an adorable car!

18. I have a slight addiction to stationary items (Japanese stationary!!!) as well as crime investigation series!

19. I am constantly re-organizing my room!

20. Hm. Can't think of a last one!


Yoshi said...

What a great post :D The facts were soooo interesting!!! You have five tattoos? Oh I want to see them! Pleaaaaase :DD *being nosy again* And your car is really really cool!! :D Also you sure are tall ^^ I'm about 168cm :) Very small. And say, once you found a solution against this tornado in your room, please tell me, I have one here as well XD Oh and I'm also always reorganizing my room. Wah I could tell you even more... I think I have to write you another letter XD

Bree said...

# 9, 13, 14, 15 & 18 seems like me too! Interesting facts! Now I know more about you! :)

Bree xoxo

P.S. I hate this new blogger too, it's annoying!:(

Felicia said...

I love steak too! I don't feel bad at all for loving it :) I also drink far too much Pepsi - it's my weakness. I graduated from high school a month after I turned 17, so we're pretty much samers there too! Do you have pictures of your tattoos on your blog somewhere? I would love to see them - I have a fascination with tattoos and may possibly get one someday!

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