Friday, April 27, 2012

Name me!

So, I didn't mention this, but both of my goldfish died. It was kind of a last ditch attempt at goldfish and it just didn't work out. Betta fish are more my thing! Soooo I've had an empty tank for a bit now and I decided that today i would go and find a fish for it! My local pet store sells 'Baby Bettas'. They come in the little plastic cups just like every other betta fish, but they are cheaper (only $1.99!) and un-sexed so it's kind of like a surprise! Well, I picked out the tiniest one they had, which is so typical of me!

She/He is too small to go in her/his tank yet, so I have him/her set up in a glass bowl just big enough with a heater and plant...I'm going to refer to her as a she because she hasn't grown into her fins yet.

Here she is exploring the bottom of her bowl. I'll move her into the bigger tank once she's big enough. She's so small now that I'm going to have to crush her food for her to even fit it in her mouth!

And here she is in her cup while she was waiting for her water to condition! You can see how small she is, especially in the shop where my finger is near!

What a cute little mug she has!

Look how teeeeeeny she is!

Now...who has name suggestions? i have a feeling she may turn out red but with bettas, you never know. A white fish with just the tip of it's tail blue can turn into a completely blue fish in a matter of months. I was thinking 'Ruby'. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Guess whose computer is working better!? :) I can finally post comments again!! :) Yeah! And, yes, I like the name Ruby... you could also name her Esmeralda! I've always have fancied that name and when you said she has tips of blue and could turn blue, it sounded fitting?

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