Friday, April 13, 2012

No mail. :(

But it IS raining! I love the rain! It just started pouring down again a few seconds ago AND it even hailed today! My car was covered in it! I should've taken a photo. :/ Anywho, I didn't receive any mail today but I did send out a few pieces! I'm waiting for my two days off this coming week so I can bang out a bunch more!

Oh, by the way, here is what I am eating this very second...just if you happen to be curious. haha. Sourdough bread and brie cheese! YUM!

And here's what I've sent out!

Depressing, right? BUT I do have some purchases to show you! :D First, the clothes! I finally buckled down and bought clothing for work! And guess what? It's FROM my work, too!

Some nail polishes....I've just finished applying the red to my fingers and the brown to my toesies!

This is a fun one...HELLO KITTY PACKING TAPE! I bought three rolls! :D :D :D

And last but not least...the thing I am so excited to have bought... (or things? I dunno...)....a new pair of sneakers! COMFORTABLE SNEAKERS! My flip flops have been killing me and now I have my new PURPLE pair of Nike's to wear to work! :D And only $40, too! Gotta love sales!


So excited to wear them to work tomorrow! Now, on to a letter that's been waiting for me....Lets hope for mail tomorrow! Over n' out!


Gladys said...

Omg! I love the essie nail polishes! Saw it on magazine and it's beautiful! It's raining too in Singapore! I hope you will get my letter soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doll! I just got your awesome letter this morning, so I will reply soon :) x

Yasmeen said...

You've got a nice blog here! I love seeing all the mail you send and receive! Oh and I love LOVE your sneakers! They look so comfortable and stylish! ❤

Yoshi said...

Hello Kendra :)

I'm holding a giveaway :D Want to join?


Ti-Ri said...

Hi there! You might've gotten my letter already. I promised to leave you a comment so here I am. :D Your blog is super cute! It's great to see all the adorable letters you've received from all around the world. (: And your tortoise just melts my heart! <3


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