Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's review time! The Magic Basket!!

It's time for another review! YAY! This time, I am going to be reviewing The Magic Basket! The next review will be on a stationary product. :D So, before, I begin this review, I really want to say that Miss. J's motto for her shop is fab. Her motto in her shop banner is: "Kawaii Shop for the Young of Heart." Wonderful, right?

So basically, Miss. J.'s work is absolutely adorable! her phone charms and charm bracelets are my personal favorites!

But her necklaces are also fab! When I first had the idea of doing a review on her goodies, I hadn't seen any necklaces slisted, but since then, she has listen two that caught me eye! The first is her Hello Kitty Crystal necklace.

I think this beauty is so classy! It's handcrafted (I can't believe I just said that, haha. Duh, it's handcrafted! haha.) and features a couple of glass pearls and an added adorable pink acrylic bow! Everything is all attached by matching super cute plastic chain link! I'm a lover of this type of 'chain' and it definitely goes well with this piece!

And to top it all off...a cute heart closure!

Another necklace of hers that I recently fell in love with is her lace bow necklace (with Hello Kitty!!).

Created with a handmade lace bow, attached to an antiqued broze link chain with an adorable strawberry themed Hello Kitty figurine at the bottom! You would think that would be it, right? I mean, it's cute as it is, but take a close look at the top right of this piece! Yep! That's a strawberry! To top everything off, she attached a strawberry Lucite charm!

Oh, before I continue to gush, I also wanted to show you guys her packaging. The first thing one see when they receive and order from somewhere/one is the outer packaging. The Magic Basket certainly did not disappoint! Everything was packaged beautifully, with each piece individually housed in a cute mesh bag with gold accents. I'm sure the designs change, but it's still a cute bag nonetheless. Also, she sent along a special kawaii surprise (it will go with the giveaway!) and even that was wrapped up all nice and pretty!

The first things to come out of the package. Kawaii surprise in one tissue wrapped packet, the goodies in the other.

And the little packets inside!

Okay, enough drooling! Now it's time to showcase the goodies that she sent me and what you guys (well, one of you! haha.) will be receiving! But first off, I want to show off the special gift she made especially for moi! I was so excited and surprised! I love it so much. So here it is! A gorgeous charm bracelet!

Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Those images alone should make ya'll want one for yourself! Anywho, before I end this review. I really want to get into what I think Miss J. is most skilled in. Her phone charms. I have yet to see any phone charms that are this sturdy. I have yanked, pulled, and tried my best to test the strength of these charms and they hold up to the test! Check out the Hawaiian themed one she sent.

As you can see, this particular phone charm has a standard strappy thing (what are those even called??). Some here though...I want you to take notice of just how many beads and accents are on this piece.

Here is an up close photo from her shop:

See them all? This puppy includes faceted quartz beads, letter beads, alpha beads, the adorable charm, AND all of the hardware used to make it (ie. the rings, wire, etc.) and the charm is STILL super light! It's not going to bug you whilst you're talking on the phone, it won't weigh your phone down. The weight thing is something that just blew me away, especially with all of the different elements she had going on this one tiny piece.

Overall...great seller and great artist. Her bead work is lovely and it's strong. I saw no issues with her closures or AND problems with anything really! And her prices are great considering all of the work she puts into each piece!

Definitely check out The Magic Basket and perhaps pick yourself up a new Charmmy Kitty phone strap? Or a charm bracelet? or perhaps you're more of a necklace person? Oh! Or maybe even a dual Hello Kitty keychain/phone strap!? Too cute!

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