Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey folks!

Yes, I am still alive! I'm exhausted, but alive! Who woulda thought I would be working so much! Right now, I'm in this phase where I pretty much look at anything but sleeping and my eyeballs glaze over...Of course, I'm getting letters out right now, though! And recently, I even got to go on a bit of a trip! :D My family and I were lucky enough to visit a local theme park (well, not local, but close-ish.) called Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! It's a roller coaster/zoo/aquarium park! It would have been a great vacation...except I wasn't able to ride any of the roller coasters, which are my favorite...because I'm too fat to fit in any of them. Cool. BUT I did get to see some of the animals at least, so that was nice (even if I do disagree with zoos and aquariums...). Here are some photos from my trip!

Shark Experience:

It was really neat to see such powerful animals up close...even if I'm absolutely terrified of coming into contact with one!

We met a rather personable walrus, but I couldn't get a photo of him, and we also met a sea lion who reminded me of Maxx with his barking!

Penguin Passage:

I wish I had gotten more photos! Anywho, mail, shall we? There's quite a lot of photos so get ready! I'll be catching up on photos, so some of the letters are missing from this post! I'm missing photos for some also just because I'm always too excited for the actual letter that I forget to take the photos!

I forgot to photograph the lovely package form Lainey that I got and I'm irritated that I cannot show you the wonderful goodies I got! Lots of yummy snacks! My favorite was a packet of plantain chips she sent me! They were better than potato chips1 YUM!

Some others! :)

This is an awesome package that I got from the wonderful Francesca! I professed my love for pesto in a previous letter and she so graciously sent me a power/dry version of pesto to test out! I'm so excited! I love, love, love how she uses large memos for addressing packages! I really need to purchase some grabbies to use on my envies! She also sent some wonderful paper goodies! :D

Letters from Kelli, Cinthia, and Clare! Note the cute stickers and stationary! :D

Also, a great letter from Laura (peep the stamps on both!) and an awesome (as always!) envie from Robyn! :D

How great is this stamp?! I'm having a hell of a time getting them! :/ May have to order them online!

And outgoing! :D


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Hello! Ive sent you mail today! :-) Hope youre well lovely xx

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