Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HUGE post!

Wow, this is going to be a big one! First of all, since my brother has allowed me to use his camera, I am going to re-do my envelope tutorial. It looks a bit...ehh. Anywho, I got some GREAT mail today and a few other things! I went to Good Will today and I was searching for some crafting supplies when I found THIS! It's a MASSIVE Anne Geddes photo-type book! It's perfect for making envelopes! I think I'm going to begin tracing tonight, haha.

Another thing I received today was a beautiful new journal! One of my closest friends from way back in high school is here in town for the holidays (her parents live here still.) and she gave me this for Christmas! She wrote the sweetest note, too. Made my heart melt! I was the one who gave her a journal, her first journal, and I guess doing so inspired her to write! In her note, she said she wanted to repay me for the inspiration I gave her. Isn't it gorgeous! I loooove Europe, and I had a chance to visit Italy, so naturally, I'm in love with it. I could trace all of the places I've been to on the back cover!

For today's mail, I sent these guys out. Well, I sent one, but the other is going to be sent tomorrow. Scooter helped as well. ;)

One to the lovely Jennifer over at Snail Mail, and life's tiny details:

Nest is one that will be going out to Rin over at: Papered Thoughts. You can also check out her Etsy shop, too!

Here are the goodies I enclosed for a mail-arty surprise!

I loved the stickers I used in her letter, too. Sparkly and puffy! What could be better?

And now for my awesome incoming mail!! Today was a fantastic mail day for me. :)

Bee from Czech Republic sent me such a wonderful letter, postcard, and a little gift for Christmas!

She hand drew everything, too!

Adorable Czech Christmas postcard!

How cute are the hair clips she sent? I am a HUUUUGE hair accessory person!

And of course, I have to post the stamps!

Onward, march! This next one is from the lovely Noora from Finland! She just had a baby girl! They've named her 'Vera Joanna'. Cute, no? Noora sent me a fantastic Moomin-ey envelope!! And so many goodies! Noora really spoiled me!

Check out the stamps and decoration!

This sticker was on the back. I'm pretty sure it's from the stamp booklet. :)

This was something interesting...I've never seen someone besides myself use the little stickers that separate stamps in the booklet as decoration! For all you mail-arters, use 'em! It's sort of like recycled deco-tape strips!

Here are all of the goodies she sent!

A cute Santa postcard!

And all these cute goodies!

Moomin stickers!!!

Letter-writing goodies!

Up next is the lovely Ariadna from Espana! Here envelope was really neat. Lots of washi decorations! Oddly postage! And it made it to the US no problem!

She even used washi tape and deco tape on her letter! I really want to get some washi tape, but it's rather expensive!

She even sent cute gifts! A cute sticker and an adorable eraser!

OH! I almost forgot! The Santa Claus Christmas card!

Well, I'm going to sign off now! I have a new, WAY better envelope tutorial to make!

Over and out!


SaskiaHamilton said...

Yay my letter :D I can't wait to get it!!

montigneyrules said...

I love the monopoly money you sent. That is an awesome idea. I hope you don't mind me stealing it. My friends and I played a lot before we all moved so now I want to send them things from the game

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