Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec. 17th, 2011

FINALLY! Something came for me! It's definitely the holiday card season and I received two holiday postcards! I did not send out holiday cards/postcards this year simply because I don't have the extra postage money. It's much easier for me to wish my friends and pen pals happy holidays in a letter that I would already be sending.

Anyways, here are the two postcards that I received today!

A cute little reindeer from Germany! It's funny because we have a stuffed reindeer that lives on our couch during the holidays that looks exactly like this little guy!

Next up is a nice kraft postcard. I am a sucker for anything kraft or brown paper! I love kraft envelopes specifically! Something about the simplicity just tickles my fancy. So here is my kraft Santa from Finland!

This card also had a cool cartoon stamp on it!

There is something about Finnish stamps. They always have the coolest designs! The particular stamp above is called "Fantastic Women Maisa and Kaarina" booklet.

Of course, my favorite stamps are the Moomin ones!

On to my letters! The first is from the lovely Ayumi in Japan! I squee'd over the stationary! I have a love for 'kawaii' or cute stationary! I love brands like San-X, Sanrio...all of them! Too cute! This particular envelope is "Little Twin Stars" by Sanrio.

Something I really liked was her handmade label! I'm sure all of you snailmailers know this, but we get charged for writing vertically on our mail and I am guessing that is the same in Japan, hence the horizontal label!

Her stamps were also pretty cool, too!

I also got a letter from my dear Vanessa in Espana!

Now for some outgoing! I sent these out today:

One introductory letter out to Courtney in Ventura, CA. Coincidentally, my entire extended family live just a short drive from where she lives!

And another introduction letter out to Kristina in Lithuania:

Well, that's all for today! I've got a couple of product reviews coming up soon! Hopefully, I'll have them written up by this coming week! Have a great weekend!

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