Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chewy Tulip!

This is my first review on this blog and I couldn't ask for a more fantastic seller and products! These are really fantastic. Today I have some 'slightly humorous' items for you! Cara over at Chewy Tulip sent me some awesome goodies! I received her envelope today in the mail and even the envelope was awesome!

Check out the sticker on the front! What is that, you ask? IT'S A PICKLE! Maybe I'm the only one stupidly excited about a pickle sticker, but seriously? How awesome is that? And I think it's modeled after a dill pickle (My favorite. I hope its a kosher dill. Yummm.), so that makes me even more attracted! Cara's pickle stickers are sold in sets of four and are a very reasonable $3.00. Now, you might be thinking, "$3.00 for only 4 stickers"? These are HAND STAMPED, HAND CUT, and HAND COLORED! You can get just the pickle stickers, but why buy only the stickers when you can get pickles on envelopes, and pickles on postcards! (1. 2)


Speaking of postcards! She also sent me postcards! Three to be exact! I have here...the "Triple Threat Trees" postcard, "Misfit Manatee" postcard, and the "Grumpy Bear" postcard!

All of Cara's postcards are 4" by 5" and beautifully printed on a glossy front/matte back card. One of the most irritating things for me is when the back of a postcard is glossy and ballpoint (and even sometime Sharpie!) smears or takes 6 weeks to finally dry. These guys definitely look like they will be fountain pen proof, as well! It also seems that all of her cards feature either a blank back with the name of the card, production date, and artist name:

Or the classic (sort-of. Chewy Tulip postcards are in no way commercial looking, right down to the backing.) 'split' backing that most commercial postcards have:

Chewy Tulip Postcards can be purchased in sets of two cards for $3.00 or a set of "pick five" cards for $6.00. I really suggest you have a looksie at her "Narwhals are Not Magical" postcards and her "Hey Ladies!" tortoise postcards!

The next lovelies are absolute MUST HAVE'S for us pen-pallers/letter-writers! Stationary! I have a couple of stationary designs here to share, all of which are quirky to say the least!

The first is a T-Rex theme! Unfortunately, I'n unable to find it in her shop, but it's adorable, so why not show it? I would assume it would go for the same price as all of her other letter sets, which is $5.00. Perhaps if you fall absolutely in love with this little green dino, you could convo Cara via Etsy? Anyway, here he is!

This particular Tyrannosaurus rex is printed on the same light gray paper as this set here.

She also sent me sheets of her red brain stationary (however, this sheet is printed on pink paper like in this set. I actually quite like the red brain on the pink stationary! It stands out nicely!) and her plum octopus stationary. You can see both below! She also has a blue feather design.

All of Chewy Tulip's stationary sets include on envelope and six sheets of unlined paper of whichever design you choose. Each sheet measures out at 5.5" by 8.5". Something I really, really love is that the envelopes she sends with her stationary sets are wide enough to fit the finished letter folded vertically only once. I hate, hate, hateeee when I have to double fold or fold things horizontally to fit into an envelope that is obviously too small to fit the paper given with it. The paper is thin, which is great for if you like writing long letters (she encourages it and so do I!), however I wouldn't suggest using a fountain pen. If you are dead set on using one, make sure that you use a fairly dry one. I tested it with my wet-ish Lamy Safari and it bled. I would suggest a good old ball-point! Keep in mind that the postcards ARE fountain pen friendly! The thin-ness of the paper will prevent you from needing an extra stamp, though!

Along with paper products, Chewy Tulip also produces some great magnets and stickers! As with everything else, her stickers are hand stamped, hand cut, and hand colored! If you're a sticker junky, make sure to check out her fake postage stickers!
Awesome designs, fantastic humor, and great quality. can you ask for anything better?

Also, I wanted to interview Cara to find out more about her and why she does what she does! Here is what she told me!

Tell me a bit about yourself. Hobbies, where you're from, etc.

Hobbies include solo dance parties by glitter lamp light, wandering off into the woods (I believe other people call it "hiking"), knitting, crocheting, keeping a journal, writing letters, designing, drawing, screen printing, and reading the French version of Nancy Drew books. I am from the wilds of New is still mostly farmland. The cows on the dairy farms in the area outnumbered the people in the county until about 1970. It's definitely not the part of New Jersey that usually comes to mind.

Why did you choose to make this type/genre of product?

I started making postcards and stationery because I have a bad habit of making the things that I want to have, but either can't find or can't afford. It is truly a letter writing addiction that has spiraled out of control.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

My favorite materials are my technical pen for drawing, and concentrated liquid watercolors for slapping some color where it belongs...which is everywhere! I've also got a weak spot for any kind of ink, which I will use both in my growing fountain pen collection, and in my sketchbooks, as an alternative to paints.

Favorite characters to work with?

I tend to work with animal images the most, especially any kind of critter that tickles my funny bone. The list includes owls, lemurs, armadillos, and anything else with a crazy gleam in its eye. Pygmy goats come to mind. (note from kay: I love her animals list!)

What inspires you?

The silly things I talk about with my friends inspire me the most. The ideas wouldn't be itching to get out of my brain if it wasn't all a part of my life, somehow.

Do you plan to create things/own your own business as your life career?

Yes. The ridiculousness that is chewy tulip is the main goal of my life. It has been my full time job in the very recent past, and it will be again, soon!

Make sure you check back soon for when I host a giveaway of Chewy Tulip goodies!

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